Looking for Cooking Support (South Asian Food) this summer!

Hi! We are looking for someone to help out a few times a week with cooking meals this summer, and we are hoping to find someone who can cook Indian food. We live in the El Cerrito hills and are open to helping with transportation if needed. We'd love to know about any leads and appreciate any input!

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Have you tried Shef?  We had some friends who bought us some food off this website when we had COVID and it was great.  It feels more home-cooked than ordering DoorDash and it was really nicely packaged, delivered, etc.  


Try Jude (925) 895-9886. He will come to your home and cook Indian food. He is a retired cook, and he will make whatever you ask, either veg or meat. You need to buy the ingredients--he will give you a list. 

Maya is a Nepali cook who cooks a lot of Indian food and came well recommended. We don't use her because I like to cook but she sounded great: 510-860-6480. She lives in Berkeley.

Our personal chef is looking to expand her work to new families who might be looking for Indian house cook. She has been working at our place for the past several months and is very reliable, makes delicious and healthy food, happy to do meal preps (cutting veggies), understands our preferences and needs, is very independent, takes initiative, always on time and leaves our house in a very tidy state.

She is also always happy to help with other smaller chores in the house e.g. folding laundry, emptying dishwasher, cleaning up kitchen drawers/fridge etc.

Language: Fluent in Punjabi, understands/speaks (not as fluently) Hindi, understands/speaks some English.

City: El Sobrante, El Cerrito, Richmond, Berkeley, Albany

Please DM me if you think she might be a fit. Thanks!