Local Teen Recovery Programs- The Camp?

Our 17 year old Berkeley High kid has no control over weed addiction, which is affecting her ability to eat - and everything else. We’re considering Muir Wood in Petaluma or The Camp in Santa Cruz. Anyone have experience with these or other nearby teen recovery programs? 
Anyone try to create a program at home? Obviously she can’t go back to BHS, what with the AP program in drug addiction they excel in teaching. 

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Our daughter went to Muir wood. Was it better than her staying home in her current condition? Yes. But I wouldn't choose it again. From my POV, the only good thing about that place was her therapist and her psychiatrist. The other staff were young/green and there was high turn over. The teacher didn't contact me for 3 weeks, and when I dropped one of her needed books off it stayed in the office until she left. Several staff quit or were let go during her time. They were supposed to have weekly outings but never did because there simply wasn't enough staff. It was very crowded- 17 girls in one big house during the day (they slept at different houses on the property at night) and it was noisy and the kids had to stay together so there was nowhere for my anxious, sensory overloaded daughter to get away. Some girls managed to sneak out one night and wander around the neighborhood, buying or stealing cigarettes at the local bodega. Another girl brought in a bunch of pills. 😔 Needless to say security was not tight. Shortly after her stay she went back to RTC. So no, it didn't "work". If you have the option I recommend Evolve. They have houses in Lafayette, Walnut Creek, and SoCal. There was a much smaller group of girls. They did a lot of work on group therapy around DBT and CBT skills which is what really helped my daughter. IMHO Evolve is a much more solid program. 

While my kid has been through a lot of treatment they haven’t done those. I have heard very good things about the Camp. I think Muir Woods is pretty light and has a lot of issues. I also recommend Ascend Healthcare in LA. They have a great program for teens for Substance Abuse and mental health as most kids are self medicating. A great place to seek more advice is the Facebook group WTRS (Wilderness Therapy and Residential Search). You can also connect to other groups through there and educational consultants who can help you find the right school post tx

I'm also struggling with making a decision about how to support my 14yo. He started vaping and smoking weed occasionally in his first few weeks at BHS (enabled by one of the CIT's he met at the city rec skateboard camp over the summer, though I think he would have found it eventually on his own) and at this point is finding a way to get very, very high on a daily basis. I'm totally overwhelmed. He thinks this is fine, and seems genuinely mystified that one by one his buddies are getting yanked, as their parents become aware of the situation and move their kids or assert more control.