Improving Search Results for your BPN Profile Page

See also: About Profile Pages

  1. Update the "About" section on your profile page to make it more descriptive, and be sure to include words and phrases that people are likely to search for. For example, if you have a neuropsychologist practice, make sure you include words like 'neuropsychologist' and 'assessment' in the description on your profile page. The character maximum is 800, or about 160 words, so there is no need to be brief.  

  2. Ask clients to post reviews of you on your profile page. Parents who subscribe to BPN (it's free for parents) can see a 'Post a review' button when they visit your profile page.

  3. Posting announcements and events about your school or business will improve search results. You can post an announcement every 30 days, which will be published on our website and also link to your profile page.  Click 'Post a message' on our site -> Post an Announcement -> Services for Parents, Families & Children