Enroll in a closer school for Fridays only?

My 7yo child is in School A all week (it's a long commute). I want to pull them out and put them into School B ONE day a week, specifically Fridays because that's a half day at School A and not worth the long commute to school. I have several cultural, language and academic reasons to justify this. 

I don't have a particular School B in mind- seeking somewhere in Oakland/Emeryville/Berkeley that would allow a 1x per week child. I'm assuming it would need to be a Charter or Private or an Extracurricular. It might not even be "school", but it would be justifiable.

Is this technically "home schooling" 1x a week?

I looked into Forest Schools, but they seem to stop at age 6.  

I'm open to 1:1 Activities/Tutoring or Group classes such as Athletic Playground, Swimming lessons, Dance, Music, Math. I'd prefer it's ONE thing and not a collection of programs in an attempt to fill the day. 

Where are there activities for 7yo's 1x week, during the school day? I have minimal ideas on where to start. 

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I'm pretty sure this would be defined as habitual truancy from School A.  Why not find a School B that's a shorter commute?

Seeds of Love Collective may be a good school to look into. I believe it goes through 5th or 6th grade. They meet at Camp Herms in El Cerrito. Currently the teacher offers class on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. She has been talking about entertaining Fridays as well. You can look the program up online or call the teacher, Brooke at 510-486-6464.