Help for my child assaulted at school


My child was physically attacked at her high school Friday. I am looking for emergency or urgent therapy or counseling for her. She has Kaiser but I have been around and around with them with little progress. Does anyone have any recommendations, please?

Thank you in advance.

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I am so very sorry to hear this. Being attacked can lead to trauma both short and long term. I am so glad you are reaching out to find support. I know there are organizations that work with victims of crime so that may be an option. Otherwise you may be able to call 311 and ask for local resources. These troupes of community programs are much more likely to have immediate openings. You are doing a great job showing up for her! Take good care.

Hi - First, I am so sorry that your child has been attacked. I hear about this kind of event happening more frequently, and more now with natal girls as well.

Sadly, our family has had to leave Kaiser as by and large we had pretty terrible experiences with their mental services. This service has been recommended in the past as having both 24/7 "listening" service as well as online therapy. Clearly finding someone in person is best, but perhaps this will help in the interim.

All best to you and your teen.

Are you in Alameda County? There are many community clinics available. Some are school-based and some located in schools but open to all county youth. Here is a list: If you are in another county, check if her school has onsite behavioral health services or can refer to a county clinic.

You can call the pediatric medical social worker directly. I don’t have a name or number, but email your daughter’s pediatrician or leave an urgent message for them asking to be put in touch with the social worker.  

Try calling Family Paths Helpline at 800-829-3777