File Recovery after laptop hacked - Need skilled/honest person

Any Recommendations for person to help with File Recovery on a laptop -- Do you know a skilled and trustworthy person that can advise me after laptop compromised and files/folders lost.   Thanks much...

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Try Alameda Computer Pros on High Street ((510) 965-2468).  It's basically a one man show, and the owner is a bit quirky, but he is extremely HONEST - he's helped us several times and once didn't even charge us (though we offered to pay!) as it was a small issue. I trust him 100% and he really seems to know what he is doing.

IS your computer a MAC? If so, the MAC store on shattuck Ave in Berkeley could help

good luck!

iResurrect Repairs on Telegraph in Berkeley did a great job recovering some files after a hard drive failure, and then referring us to another company for the files they could not retrieve. They definitely charged a fair (low) price for the number of hours they put in trying to help us recover our data. Good luck!