Experience with L'Academy Preschool in Kensington?

Hello Parents:

I am writing to ask if anyone is willing to share their experiences with the preschool located at the Colusa circle? Any parents out there who left the school and are willing to share why? Thank you in advance.

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We left the school in July 2022 when there were some issues of communication with the former director. At the same time we got notice of getting off the waitlist for our dream school- a Persian immersion school- so we left. However, we have had our kid back at L’Academy for a a week or so for coverage when our other school was closed and it’s a night and day difference. The new director is great and everyone there is very happy. We’ve heard good things since the admin change.  

We’ve been at L’academy since January 2022 when our little one was 2.  There has been a lot of teacher and administrator turn over (especially in the first 9 months of 2022) and we are not sure if it was going to work out.  The owners brought in new administrators and things have been much better with stronger communication, lots of activities and even gatherings for the families.  Rachel—the current administrator is fantastic and most teachers have stuck around for the last 6-9 months.  We appreciate the consistent schedule and meals and our little one is learning a lot.  A potential downside is that they do seem to be maximizing the space and keep adding more kids and infants so inside space is getting more crowded.  Hope this helps