exercise bootcamp over summer break?

I'm looking for some sort of exercise bootcamp for myself over my kid's summer break (which in our case will be the last week of July and the first week of August). North Oakland / Emeryville / South Berkeley area, preferably outdoors; I'd like something involving weight training, but any kind of exercise is better than the none I'm currently doing. Any recommendations or leads greatly appreciated. 

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I've been attending Oakland Adventure Boot camp which is a women's exercise class that meets at the pergola at Lake Merritt every weekday morning for a decade. There is a 530am and 630am class (it's possible in the summer she will offer a later morning class too). There is a wide range of ages and ability levels and the teacher Anna is extremely nice and can help you modify any exercises to meet your level of ability. The other women in the class are super friendly too and that's what's kept me coming for so many years. Every day is a little different, but there is always a combination of strength, cardio, and core. You bring your own mat and weights. Highly recommend!

https://oaklandbootcamp.com is amazing!

she often does special summer hour classes as well.