European Relocation Services/experience moving abroad?

I’m considering taking my three kids to Europe for a year. Ideally we would land in Amsterdam or Copenhagen. I’m looking for a company that could help me figure out childcare/schools, find an apartment, manage visa needs, etc… has anyone here had experience with this? Thank you!

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Usually these services are best if based from where you would like to be.  Are you on Facebook?  If so, there are fb groups of expats in the the country/city of interest, and they can recommend people/agencies that have been useful, and even warn you away from certain others.  I moved to a different country, and found excellent information from these different groups.

For the Netherlands, we used Ingrid van Boheemen expatonthemove [at] I believe Ingrid only does the Netherlands. She came recommended from our immigration lawyer.

We needed help with school search, and gave her some ideas of what kind of schools we had in mind to match our kid's personality and temperament (but you really can't go wrong with Dutch schools), and she connected with the schools to inquire about enrollment and paperwork stuff. We ended up making a friend in NL while on our scouting trip who sent her kids to a particular school that sounded very interesting, and so we asked Ingrid to look at that one in particular (which wasn't one of the ones she had found for us), and so she made a trip out to tour that school for us.

She also does apartment search stuff, but we didn't get that far because covid happened and non-EU citizens were barred from entry, and we sadly ended up not moving there.
Perfect English, prompt email responses (within a day).

Here's a good Netherlands site: