Dr. Kimberly Cusato, or a different Kaiser GI doc?

I need a colonoscopy + endoscopy, and Kaiser has scheduled me with Kimberly Cusato MD.  Does anyone have experience with her that they can share, or a specific Kaiser Oakland or Richmond GI doctor to recommend for this?  Many thanks!

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Dr. Cusato did my colonoscopy last year. She's the head of the department and so, I assume, very competent. She's quite brusque, in typically doctor fashion, not warm at all.  

But it doesn't really matter since you only see her for maybe 5 minutes before you're knocked out. It's the nurses who take care of you before and during the procedure that make it feel okay or not. The doctors who do the procedure just move from room to room like they're on an assembly line. For the record, my nurses were wonderful.


I recently had a colonoscopy with Dr. Stephanie Santos (Oakland Kaiser) and she was great!  The team even let me do it without sedation, so that I was able to have the rest of my day be normal, instead of recovering from sedation.  It was definitely uncomfortable, but do-able.  

Dr C is my gastro. Very straightforward and easy to work with. I have also been a patient of Dr Valadeo, who has a serious bedside manner (in a good way). Either of these docs has my high recommendation. 

Dr Cusato is great! I suggest going with her. I've had her do a colonoscopy and endoscopy on me and since i have acid reflux issues she is also my doctor for that. She is also my husband's doc.

I had my colonoscopy by Dr. Cusato. She was professional. But seriously, you will interact with her for less than two minutes before sedation. The whole Kaiser colonoscopy process was run like a machine (in a good way) and I was out of there in three hours. 

I really like Dr. Cusato and she had done my colonoscopy last year. As another BPNer here said, you'll interact (while awake) just a few minutes with your doctor. I talked with her about my GI issues, and she was great at that, too. Very common sensical. For years, I've had trouble with my stomach and tried all kinds of things, including Metamucil every day. My primary didn't know what else to suggest and referred me to GI. Dr. Cusato said Metamucil was not a good option for me and told me to try Citrucel - and wow, my stomach got better just after a couple of days of that. Simple solution, but nobody came up with it until Dr. Cusato.