Doula who is also a nurse?

Hi families!! 

I'd love to hear any recommendations on doulas in the area! I just found out I'm expecting my second and want to explore this option for my pregnancy journey. Preferably a doula who is also a nurse. Thank you in advance! 

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I HIGHLY recommend Claudia Penate. She was a nurse for a long time so she is super familiar with birthing in a hospital setting and extremely knowledgable about all the medical things that can go on during a birth. She was my doula when my baby was born last year and she was instrumental in me having the exact birth I hoped for. We had a few meetings with her when I was pregnant and she was loving, compassionate, reassuring, and helpful as she guided us through some decisions about our birth preferences. She checked in frequently towards the end of my pregnancy and was my go to person when I had questions. When it came to the actual birth, she was so steady and confident and was the perfect support for both me and my husband (he really felt like he was on a team with her, not like she was taking over for him or anything like that--my husband felt just as cared for by Claudia as I did!) and stayed with us until we were settled into our postpartum room. Claudia visited us a few weeks after we came home but was available to talk through any questions I had before then. She is just a wonderful person--I can't say enough good things about her! Her website is:


She's not a nurse but I highly recommend Grace Klein as a doula. She is practical, grounded, and knows a lot about the medical system. I can't imagine having gone through it without her. I would think that once someone has RN qualifications, they'd become a midwife rather than a doula, so it may be hard to find a nurse-doula combo, though maybe you could find a midwife in training. Congrats on your little one on the way! 


I highly recommend having a doula. I worked with Full Circle Doula Group (Berkeley-based, 3 women so someone is always available) and they were great. Truly made my labor fully manageable. Not necc to have your doula be a medical practitioner—you'll be surrounded by those anyway.