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Hello BPN, I am seeking a recommendation for a divorce attorney that can help me navigate the process this process, fair division of assets, buy out or sell family home, teen boys in the mix as well. Rec's in the archives are a bit dated. Thank you - Never thought I'd be here...

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I have several suggestions. First, educate yourself on how it all works. I recommend the NOLO guide to divorce in CA. That way, you can approach the problem with some understanding of what to expect. If things are reasonably amicable, you may or may not need a lawyer -- a mediator may be enough. For mediation, I worked with Rebecca Lovell, of Dubroff, Easely, and Lovelll (https://www.dubrofflaw.com/). She was even-keeled and even-handed, even in the face of everything my ex could dish out at her (it was extremely helpful to have her as a buffer between the two of us). I also hired a separate lawyer since things were a bit contentitious. I was very, very happy with the service of Hart Ginney (https://hartginney.com/). I worked mainly with Jacqueline Khong and Abe Hart, who were able to guide me through the process, answering all of my questions, and being tough as nails when needed. I'm sorry this is happening.