Daycare/preschool for under 2 y/o?

What are the recommended daycare/preschools in the Rockridge/Elmwood area? We live in Elmwood and are currently with a nanny but she is getting ready to retire. We have a 17-month still a little young for a lot of the places we originally were looking that required you to be at least 2 y/o. I know lots of recommendations have been posted here but I couldn't find anything super recent. So would love all recommendations. We also have a 2 month old that we will be looking for care for as well in a few months. We might do a nanny share for the younger one but would still love recommendations for daycares that take infants as well so we can explore all options. Thank you! :)

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Hearts Leap Beginnings on College takes infants starting at 4 months. Both of my kids went there and we love it!


Highly recommend Rockridge Montessori School (RMS).  We were there for infant and pre-school before moving out of the area and sadly had to leave.  This made us realize how rare it is to find such a fantastic preschool and daycare.  Teachers are phenomenal, the program is great, big playground in the back, and on top of it we met many wonderful parents as well.  They will likely have a wait list but as with many daycares, once you get the older one in (which is easier), you're eligible for sibling priority.  Their infant program starts at 12 months.

It’s not in Rockridge or Elmwood but we have loved Cornerstone. There’s a bit of wait so you’d want to sign up soon. The care our younger daughter has received there has been phenomenal. Our older was in a nanny share and we’ve been happy with both situations. 

I wanted to +1 on what another parent posted on Cornerstone. Our daughter has been with Cornerstone since she was 6 months old (she is 28 months now) and absolutely loves her school and teachers. They have great outdoors area, teachers have been with school forever (low attrition), very loving and attentive atmosphere and play-based learning. I am astonished at how much she learns everyday.