Cuesta, Cabrillo or Santa Barbara City College?

My daughter will be going to community college Fall 2023. She's looking at Cuesta, Cabrillo & Santa Barbara City College. What's been your son's/daughter's experience at one of those community colleges? How are the instructors? The academic resources? What type of honors program and transfer resources? Thank you!

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My son went to SBCC and had a very good experience. When he graduated from high school, he had been accepted to a few four year schools, but was on the fence about going and I was questioning if he should even go to college at all.  SBCC was recommended to us by a few people, and he was open to going for a year. He ended up staying for two years (plus summer classes) and was able to transfer to Arizona State University where he is currently a senior. When he was at SBCC two of his professors also taught at UC Santa Barbara and taught great classes. I am sure there are more that teach at both schools. They do have an honors program and offer a lot of support with transferring and transfer agreements. My nephew also attended SBCC about 10 years ago and transferred to UC Berkeley. As a bonus, it's a very pretty campus by the ocean, lots of clubs and activities for students to get involved in and of course, it's such a great value. One of my co-workers has a daughter who went there and also had a positive experience. Good luck with your decision!

My daughter went to Cabrillo for two years. Her housemates were mostly UCSC students so she had a typical student experience and had a window into UCSC  life. She had a good experience with Cabrillo advising, and was accepted to UC Berkeley, Davis and Santa Cruz. She ended up choosing Santa Cruz so she didn't have to uproot, but she appreciated having other options. It was very much the right choice for her.