Construction at Sylvia Mendez and BUSD schools

Dear All- 

Both of our daughters are assigned to Sylvia Mendez for this fall. We have learned that the district will be doing construction on site for the next two years and keeping the kids and teachers on campus. They will put 19 trailers on the blacktop, there will be no place for recess, they will have to use portas for the bathroom, and there will be noise and construction materials/dust. We are concerned about this arrangement and are surprised that this would happen as all other schools get moved off site during renovations. Does anyone have any experience with this at other BUSD school sites or how best to influence the district to better care for our community?


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My kids were at Jefferson/Ruth Acty when they did construction. It was mostly fine. My kids are a lot older now and I don't think they even remember that happening. The students didn't really care - they adapted pretty easily. Some parents expressed concerns and were mostly ignored, but it ended up fine. I was surprised to hear that Oxford gets to remain permanently at the BUSD district office campus, especially since Ruth Acty is right down the street. I thought schools would be able to rotate through there until their sites were finished.