Colorist for natural golden-blonde highlights / lowlights

Hi BPN! Anyone have a recommendation for an excellent East Bay colorist for natural but vibrant golden-blonde highlights / lowlights (likely balyage)? My greys are rapidly expanding and my current colorist seems to be leaning into that, which is giving me a very cool/ashy blonde effect that is quite unflattering. Anyone skilled in turning greys into pretty blonde? Thanks! 

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Exact same issue here. I went to Laura Kingston at Goldfinch Salon and was really happy with the results. She totally got it and found a solution for warming up the color in a way that’s not high maintenance. She is also very nice. 

Please go see Nanci Pecker at Headroom Productions on Adeline & 44th in Emeryville. She's really really gifted with color. ❤️

Hilary at Aya Salon on Solano Ave is a master at color. She has used three different highlight shades to get a natural, bright blonde color from my grey/dull post pandemic hair. It’s a beautiful Aveda salon with a great welcoming feel. No pressure to buy products. 

Chase at Modena is the BEST!

Pony Salons is great - I don’t have experience with covering grey but got very natural looking honey blonde balayage from Jafra this past fall. 

Oh my yes.  Rose Bouvier at Golden Salon.  She has been my hairdresser for many years.  She excels with cut, color and natural keratin.  And as an added bonus, environmental sustainability is key with her salon.  For example glass vs. plastic bottles and she only uses formaldehyde-free keratin.  She has blended my grays masterfully with her highlighting skills.  And she is super fun.  Located right near the top of Solano.

I recently started seeing Sondra at Grove Salon ( and have been SO happy with her work. Her availability for color tends to be a few months out but they do a good job of following up if an earlier appointment becomes available.

I have been using Rose, who now owns Golden Salon in Berkeley, for years. She lightened up my whole look to make the greys blend with partial highlights. She is honestly really amazing, I  would recommended a visit-- She offers a free 15 min consultation if you just want to start by chatting about your goals!

Alicia Orabella on Piedmont Ave is a gifted colorist! I know someone who had her do balyage and it's stunning.

The women of Alchemy Salon on Piedmont Ave are balayage experts and are so, so wonderful. Highly recommend for beautiful, natural results!

I’ve been going to Odessa at Charles Hunt Studio (4287 Piedmont Ave #110) for years, and she is a genius when it comes to covering up greys and maintaining vibrant, natural looking color. I get compliments from strangers and she gets all the credit!