for rent collection?

Does anyone use to collect rents? (or, to pay rent?) Hard to find reviews online - would love first hand experience. TIA

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We've used it in the past, and as a landlord, I liked having everything in one place. We actually started using the property management feature when it was Cozy, before it got bought by 

Pros - no fee (at least when I was using it), record keeping was a breeze

Cons - I had a few challenges with adding a few or so fees, and setting up a new lease for someone was buggy earlier this year

I still really like it though, for only managing a few properties.

Hello! I attempted to start an account with and found them to not be helpful for posting our units for rent. I have not tried using them for collecting/paying rent though. They ultimately rejected my listings, not sure why, they did not provide a reason. As for collecting rent, we've found success using Zelle since it's direct bank account transactions, and in the past, we had used Venmo as well. We've found that Zelle feels the most direct and most secure, so we've stopped using Venmo. I hope that helps!

Yep, I do.  It works just fine, no complaints.  It's an easy way to work around the frustrating Zelle/bank roadblocks.  I don't use it for anything else (listing rentals, leases, etc.) - just the free rent-collection part.