Anyone tried Tiny Tots and/or Redyper / Earth Baby?

I'd like to sign up for compostable diapers through either Tiny Tots or Redyper / Earth Baby. Anyone have experience with both, or just with Tiny Tots in the last couple years? Leaning toward Tiny Tots since they both have excellent reviews and TT has slightly cheaper Nest diapers. We're based in Oakland, in case that matters.

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We're in Oakland and have used EarthBaby the whole time with our first (now 16 mos.). We've been really happy with them and have tried both their brands of diapers available and liked them both. The pick up and delivery is consistent and great. It's really easy to order and modify orders as needed. 

We have zero complaints!d

I haven't tried Tiny Tots, but I love Redyper/Earth baby. We've been using them for almost three years now between our two kids, and they're incredibly reliable. They've never missed a dropoff or pickup, or gotten an order wrong. Once our diaper drop-off was stolen from our porch before we could get them, and they had their driver make an extra trip to get us more so we would have enough to make it through the week. 

I loved our time with tiny tots.
Ed always picked up diapers, we liked The bambo diapers they sold, we also bought lotion and bath wash through them, and they were always lovely and accommodating when we had a question or request. 

one of their people that answer the phone has the voice and demeanor of a grizzled war vet which I found a delightful juxtaposition for a diaper service :)

I highly recommend Earth Baby! I don't have anything bad to say about them. They are timely, responsive and take back unopened pack of diapers. Earthbaby (also redyper) has Nuture diapers for another option. They also carry products such as sunscreen, cleaning products, etc. that can be delivered to your door in your weekly order. It is also easy to skip deliveries. I do not have experience with Tiny Tots but I don't feel the need to look elsewhere as Earthbaby has made out lives so much easier (for only an extra $30ish/month)! 

Our experience is with Earth Baby (now Redyper) and we absolutely love them! They’re reliable, have very responsive customer service, and the dyper brand diapers are awesome. We don’t feel like we’re compromising quality for earth-friendliness. It’s also nice not to have diapers just come to our door. 

If you’re interested in joining, send me a personal message and I can give you referral details for a free pack of diapers.

We use Earth Baby and it’s been great. Easy to adjust, no issues.

I don’t have experience with Tiny Tots.

Hi! Just made the switch from TT to Earthbaby only because we wanted to start using pull-ups for our 1.5 yo and TT didn’t offer them. Have been very happy with both services—delivery & pick-up is a godsend! (Despite my husband’s fears that “it will stink,” weekly pick-up and garage storage have meant it’s never been a problem!) 

We used Tiny Tots and they are great! they are a local family company that's been around for 50+ years. The delivery people and admin are all super friendly and flexible. We used them for a year and had nothing but great service!

We used Tiny Tots and they were fantastic! Super convenient, great customer service. Highly recommend!

I love Tiny Tots.  They have fantastic customer service, pickups are super reliable.  We really like the Bambo diapers.   I've never used Redyper/Earth Baby.

We used Earth Baby and it worked very well. 

We loved Tiny Tots!! They have amazing service and are very helpful and friendly. They also have a store that you can order other baby stuff and they’ll drop it right off with your diapers. Definitely helps, especially in those early newborn days!!

We have been using Earth Baby since 2020 and still use it for overnight pull-ups. We have been very happy with their customer service and ease of use! Have not had a single issue in almost 3 years. We did not like the Nurture or Bambo brand of diapers FYI. 

We used Tiny Tots pre-pandemic with cloth diapers. Great service. I think we had to call to make changes to our orders?

Now we use Redyper for compostable. Also great service and very easy to navigate website/update your orders.

In Berkeley.

Earth Baby is awesome.  We used them for almost 3.5 years.  Their customer service is impeccable, the diapers are really great, and it's just a great service overall.  

Yes, I’ve been with Redyper since January and have had no problems with them. I considered TT but went with Redyper because I preferred the Dyper product to  Nest and preferred the day of the week when Redyper would deliver/pick up more than TT’s day (Redyper picks up on my trash day, figured it would be easier for me to remember).  I’m also in Oakland, by the way. 

We are currently using Tiny Tots and have had a good experience with them. Their customer service is great - I reliably get someone on the phone whenever I call and they are always happy to make changes to my weekly order relatively last-minute. I also like that I can return any unused packages of diapers simply by placing them on my doorstep.

We use Redyper/Earth Baby and LOVE it! So convenient and makes me feel like we’re not totally killing the planet. It is the number one thing my husband and I would recommend to parents from our parenting journey thus far!

We are currently using Tiny Tots (and buying the Nest Diapers through them for our 6 mo) and it's been working really well! Easy to order and they pick up/drop off once a week. No complaints. 

We have loved Tiny Tots! They have been consistent and very responsive. When we needed to temporarily change our delivery/pickup address for a few weeks, they easily accommodated us. We are current customers and have been using them since our daughter was born 20 months ago. 

We love Tiny Tots! We have been customers for over 2 years now. Excellent customer service and the diaper options have worked great. We started out with the Nest diapers, but the Nest company changed their design, which didn't hold up to our kiddo's needs, so switched to Bambo, and are loving those. We're in Martinez, but I think they do service Oakland. I have no complaints and would highly recommend this company to friends. Good luck! 

Wow, thanks for all the helpful responses! Sounds like everyone loves their experience with both Tiny Tots and Earth Baby / Redyper, although some people prefer Redyper's products. And two of the three people who mentioned Nest diapers don't like them. Guess I'll try Tiny Tots and Nest diapers first!

Sounds like both services are great, but I can only speak to how much I love and appreciate EarthBaby/Redyper. We’ve used their service now for years and they have never failed to deliver (har har). They’re like magical diaper fairies.