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June 2006

Re: Career counselor who can recommend specific job types
A few years ago, I decided to leave academia and felt overwhelmed by options and unprepared to make career choices. I met with Sepha Schiffman, a career counselor in Albany, (510-558-3458) and was extremely happy with her. She was proficient at helping me discover my career preferences -- everything from figuring out my likes/dislikes in terms of job responsibilities to work schedule to work environment -- and from there, helping me narrow down career fields. I can't say enough about how helpful she was. I love my new career (I'm still in the job Sepha helped guide me towards four years later) and wouldn't have been able to sort through the career guides/personality testing, etc. by myself -- there's so much info, I found it paralyzing. Sepha is articulate, knowledgable, and worth every penny of her fee. Good luck to your husband!
Amy H.

June 2004

Re: SAHM going back to work
I saw Sepha Schiffman (510-558-3458) for help with a mid-life career change. It was the best thing I could have done. She helped me identify attributes of work that were important to me and then to explore career choices that would meet my needs. I highly recommend her.


Re: Seeking job counselor for long-term change
In the past, I have recommended my friend Sepha Schiffman to the the UCB Parents newsletter. Since that time, I have actually used her services to help me make an important decision about my own career. I have always known her to be warm and compassionate but working with her, I found that she also had many insights about the Bay Area job market and was knowledgeable about my fairly specialized profession. Give her a call at 510-525-8553. She works in Berkeley. Margaret