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June 2006

Re: Career counselor who can recommend specific job types
My husband has *the best* things to say about Andrea Bauer (650-802-8936). A while back he was contemplating a career change, but he didn't know to what (or even if he should change at all, given the economy). She helped him figure out what he enjoyed doing, what he was good at, and how it fit us financially. I think my husband likes her because she has tons of practical experience in her industry but she's also extremely intuitive; I remember him hanging up the phone after the initial consultation and just being blown away by what he had already learned in 30 minutes. In the years since my husband first saw her, we have referred several people to her, ranging from computer wonks to photographers, and all have come away with good things to say. See for further info (look at the Private Coaching section). I believe she still starts off with a free phone consultation, so your husband could see if she is a good fit or not Tori

May 2003

Re: Need help figuring out what I want to be when I grow up
For the person looking for a career counselor.... I'm posting this on behalf of my husband who thinks his career counselor is the bees knees:
Andrea Bauer 650-802-8936 coachbauer AT
I first started working with Andrea a few years ago when I was evaluating a career change. I couldn't really figure out what to change or why (or if) a change was even necessary at all. I found answers to my questions through meetings, phone conversations, and ''homework'' after about 5 sessions (not including intake or the ''trial'' call). Best of all, I internalized much of what Andrea teaches through her coaching. I have referred several friends and family members to Andrea. Everyone who worked with Andrea found their experience productive and rewarding.

Actually, I have continued to engage her whenever I have tough career questions. It's absolutely great to have someone who knows me who is neither family nor colleague, who can provide impartial observations, and who can ask questions that *I* hear differently (because of her impartiality). Well, and they're good questions, too, of course!

Andrea is naturally intuitive and is a talented observer/listener. She Believes work can fulfill you. She has a giant bag full of tricks to help you ''just-get-it- done'' once you know what it is you're to do. Practically speaking, Andrea begins working through a free trial phone session. I recommend that you e-mail her:

any questions you have about her or her approach, your reasons for pursuing coaching, your resume, significant hobbies, anything that makes you, you

In my opinion, this material helps Andrea help you. Anyhow, if after the trial call you and Andrea feel there is a ''match,'' the next step is typically an ''Intake'' meeting. Intake is best in-person and includes (may vary based on your needs): Values ID Exercise, Wheel of Life Balance Exercise, Future Self Visualization, Goals

After intake, you and Andrea will design a meeting plan (frequency and duration) that fits your goal(s). Expect most subsequent meetings to be phone meetings, often with e-mail follow-ups. Even though she is located on the peninsula (Redwood City), I'm not sure it matters since an in person meeting is strongly recommended only for the initial intake. (One of my referrals worked with Andrea from Virginia!)