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Daughter accepted at Pacific University - experience?

April 2012

Does anyone have experience with Pacific University in Forest Grove near Portland, Or. Our daughter has been accepted and is very interested in it but would love to find others in the Bay Area who are attending, or have attended to get their thoughts . Thanks for anyone's experience. anon

My niece who grew up in Portland went to this school ...graduating this May... and has had an excellent experience there. The school is smallish, the kids get good attention, and they do a good job of integrating them into the school community and the local community. Almost all the undergraduates live on campus.

She's gotten a great education..she's heading into either physical therapy or nursing so has taken classes in that direction and is getting a degree in Exercise Science. But she's taken fun classes like piano, tennis, various art etc.

The couselors really work with the kids to make sure they get a good program that fits their interests and learning styles so they are successful.

She has been in a soriety, but I don't think they have ''houses'' and it has been a great experience, she is currently the president of the greek organization there. She was also a Dorm RA for two years and found it a good way to offset housing costs, she got a decent scholarship as well that renewed if she kept a B average. All in all she (and my sister) were very pleased with the choice and would do it again.

She's an outgoing girl, totally average in looks, learning style etc., not boy, makeup, clothes or ''being popular'' crazy. The school has a larger than average mix of Hawaiian students (seems they recruit heavily there) and that's been fun for her to get to know kids who grew up in Hawaii. Leslie