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Looking for CosPlay group for 13yo daughter

Jan 2013

Hi, My almost 13 year old daughter is VERY into cosplay in the anime world. We live in Walnut Creek, she goes to school in Lamorinda, and she doesn't really fit in with her peers. She would love to meet others who love cosplay, but we don't know where to look. Any ideas would be so appreciated. Thanks! rachel

My daughter has been in CosPlay activities for several years now and most of her CosPlay friends are from around the bay area. She was able to find a group of kids in her school that CosPlay as well, thus they go as a group to LA to the annual Anime Convention out there, plus local ones around the bay area. Her Cosplay friends are both boys and girls, ranging in age from 14 to 21 (she is 17). She meets the kids at the CosPlay gatherings, get their contact info, and a new friend is created. She is mostly into an anime called Homestuck, but she has friends who do other cosplays. According to her, an anime convention is coming up in SF. If you wish, my daughter is willing to give more info to your daughter, if you don't mind the age difference. Cosplay Mom