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Language school in Spain for teen

Sept 2013

My daughter and I would like to spend a month learning Spanish and traveling some in Europe. I saw a school in Malaga, close to the coast that looked great. Morning classes and then lots of organized activities in the afternoon for the teens. Besides learning about a good language school in Spain, I am also curious to know how easy and economical it is to travel through Europe these days during the summer. Would appreciate hearing about experiences and any suggestions where I can find out more. Espero viajar

My teen (now in 9th, with several years of Spanish) attended Enforex camp this past summer,; we booked through Don Quijote, They have a number of camps throughout Spain. He went to two two-week sessions, one in Salamanca and one in Sevilla. He preferred the one in Salamanca. Both do Spanish language in the mornings and offer afternoon/evening cultural activities and outings. He attended as a ''day camp'' student, as we were in Spain with him, although they also offer boarding options. We rented apartments in both cities during the camps, and traveled around together afterwards. If you have more questions and/or would like details, please contact the moderator to send me a message directly. Summer in Spain

Summer programs for Spanish in Spain

Dec 2008

I am looking for summer programs in Spain for Spanish language for my 15 year old son.Any recommendation will be appreciated. Thank you Iman

My son has spent the past three summers with the Johns Hopkins CTY program. He has not been to their 3 week program in Spain, but the courses that he has attended have all been terrific. Here is a link to their Spanish program: Karen

Recommendation for Spanish classes for teens or adults I highly recommend Instituto Mesoamerica in west Berkeley (near University and Bonita) as a great place to learn Spanish. Arturo Sosa, the director, is a wonderful teacher. He is a native speaker from Mexico, and is full of helpful explanations to make grammar stick! Besides his language teaching skills, Arturo has lots to share about the culture and history of latin america, and of latinos in the US. He is flexible with scheduling, and the classes are fun. His website is and phone # is (510) 849-3434 Sarah R


Spanish immersion programs in Spain for 17-year-old

Feb 2007

We are looking for a summer Spanish immersion program for our 17-year-old daughter. The Spanish Abroad website ( very interesting. We are especially interested in the teen program in Salamanca and San Sebastian. If you could share your experience regarding learning Spanish in Spain, including the weather, cultural atmosphere, social life, etc., it would be much appreciated. We heard that some areas could be brutally hot in July and August. Please advise. Thanks in advance. H. Chan

As a Mexican woman who speaks Spanish, I just want you to know that learning Spanish in Spain is not the same as learning Spanish in Latin America. Clearly, Spanish is different wherever you go, but Spain's Spanish is in a category unto itself. So, if you are looking into language school in hopes that it will help your child better communicate with the largely-Mexican Latino population in California, I would really suggest she check out a language school in Latin America. My friend's little sister studied Spanish in Spain for a year and felt like she was in a better place with her spanish when she got back, but she also felt like she had a lot of un/learning to do once she got back and tried to speak Spanish in California.