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Childproofing buffet with glass panels

May 2006

We have a beautiful buffet that we bought in Bali--it has 3 doors with glass panels. They are surely not safety glass. We don't have any place to store it and don't want to get rid of it for the few years our kids are little. our daughter is pretty good about not banging on it, but we're worried about her just knocking into it by accident and the glass breaking. The glass panels are only about 18'' square. Is there anything to put on the glass to increase the safety without having to ditch the furniture? thanks

This won't be the prettiest solution, but I'm guessing it might get the job done for the couple of years it will matter. We had a china cabinet in the corner that we were worried about, so we bought a roll of heavy plastic stuff that is usually used to wrap around decks to fill in the area between railings (you can get it on many of the childproofing websites), and we just wrapped a piece of it around the china cabinet, tucking the edges way in the back. It's about 3 feet tall, and quite strong, and was very effective at preventing the ''bumping into it and breaking'' or ''accidentally hitting it with a toy'' that I''m imagining you're worried about Karen
If the glass is only on the front how about turning it to face the wall until you feel it is safe? Anon
Hi! Turn the piece of furniture around! It won't be very accessible, but you don't have to store it or get rid of it and she won't be able to break the glass Diane

Protecting sharp edges on tables

My husband came up with the idea. We bought foam pipe insulation for less than $2. at OSH and put it around our marble coffee table. It's not really pretty, but it's inexpensive and it works. I think it comes in 6' or 8' lengths. My husband cut two tubes open and taped them together and covered the table edges. It worked so well, we got the bigger diameter tubes to put around our tile fireplace ledge. Kimberly