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  • Fistula and hemorrhoid Surgeon

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    Dear BPN, I am looking for a good surgeon for fistula and hemorrhoid in Kaiser (Possibly) or any great surgeon in the east bay please. Thank you

    RE: Fistula and hemorrhoid Surgeon ()

    I had a similar situation a couple of years ago where a hemorrhoid surgery, or rather the aftercare, got screwed up by a UCSF doc which led to inflammation and a fistula. To get this sorted out, I saw Dr. Million at the Center for Colorectal Health. She scheduled a sort out-patient procedure that healed well. She's not in the East Bay and not Kaiser, but I can recommend her hands-down.

    RE: Fistula and hemorrhoid Surgeon ()

    I didn’t get to choose, but Amy Michelle Tolan at Kaiser Oakland did my surgery and so far, so good! Wishing u the best.

    RE: Fistula and hemorrhoid Surgeon ()

    My husband had fistula surgery with Dr Olakunle Oluseun Ajayi at Kaiser Oakland and recommends him. He had a great experience, the surgery went well, fistula didn't come back, and Dr Ajayi was personable and made him feel well taken care of.

  • Butt surgery!

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    i wish this were as glamorous as the title makes it sound....after three long pregnancies and three big babies, hemorroids have destroid the real estate. Its been four plus years since my last birth but i continue to have painful flare-ups and major issues with hygeine which has laid waste (pun intended) to intimacy with my partner. So im told there are a couple options for surgical intervention and was referred to “the guy” (a colorectal surgeon named dr. Bitar). Unfortunatel he has retired and the two new referrals ive gotten are for general surgeons (dr. Moorestein and dr horopouian). As you can imagine, id really like to find someone who has experience with this part of the body...has anyone had hemmoroid issues dealt with surgically? Has anyone had experience with these particular surgeons? Im not looking for someone with perfect bedside manner or delightful office staff, im looking for someone who has surgical expertise and experience with the, ahem, undercarriage. 

    RE: Butt surgery! ()

    I just had this exact surgery two weeks ago, and I highly recommend Dr. Brian McGuiness at Bay Area Colon & Rectal Surgeons in Walnut Creek. He was a great doctor AND he had great bedside manner. I will say that, unfortunately, it’s a pretty difficult recovery, so plan to have as much help and time off as you can get, especially with three little kids. I don’t want to freak you out at all, because I got through it and would still have the surgery if I knew everything I know now, but my strong advice is definitely take all the pain meds they give you. I stupidly tried to get through it with just Tylenol and Advil, and those aren’t enough. Good luck! You’ll be glad you did it!

    RE: Butt surgery! ()

    I have hemorrhoids that developed after my first (of three) child was born many years ago.  I never had the courage to do anything surgically and tried to cope with lots of fiber in my diet and using witch hazel to deal with any mess.  However, recently my doctor suggested that I use Metamucil and that has really been life changing by increasing overall comfort and eliminating the mess.

    RE: Butt surgery! ()

    Dr James Macho did my surgery and he probably saved my life as I had an extremely severe case but he is an excellent surgeon and a fantastic doctor. He is in SF. I will echo the comments by another poster in that the recovery is not easy and Vicodin will definitely be needed. If possible I would take medical leave. That being said, I have no regrets. Best of luck!

  • Hemorrhoids Surgery at Kaiser

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    There are old posts on this, but I am hoping to hear from someone who had a recent experience with hemorrhoid surgery at Kaiser in Oakland.  Who was your doctor?  Which procedure was performed?   Where there any complications? In retrospect, was the surgery worth it?

    After my second baby, I have both internal and external hemorrhoids that almost never hurt me, but I am always aware of and feel very embarrassed by them. I use a bidet instead instead of toilet paper at home, and wet towels if I am not at home, so going to the bathroom is always an "event".  I can live this way, but I sure wish I could go back to not thinking of my butt so much on a daily basis.

    It's an embarrassing subject, but I hope you don't mind sharing your experience and opinion anonymously.

    Thank you.

    Have you considered banding? I know not what you asked, but I had hemorrhoids banded years after my kids were born and while the day or two after the procedure were painful, it was worth it. No anesthesia, quick outpatient procedure, and worked. 

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My booty needs help! Hemorrhoids?

July 2011

Warning: graphic butt information below...This is extremely embarrassing, but I'd love some help. I knew my life would change with a child, but I never realized I'd be managing poop so intensely even after my son got out of diapers! Years ago I had a hard labor with hours of intense pushing. I'm going graphic here people, but frankly my anal tissue is way looser than in the past. I was shocked to see that instead of the nice symmetrical butt hole I used to have, I have these sorta baggy areas. I finally figured out I need to manually tuck myself back where I should be after I have a bowel movement or it's just a mess. Thankfully I have no blood when I poop and no pain at all, but I am wondering if this would still be considered hemorrhoids. Any advice on what you'd call this or how I can improve the situation? Butt Kegels? A remedy of some kind? Or am I doomed to have a saggy butt hole? I have not used Witch Hazel or Preparation H since I don't have pain but would do so if they helped my skin's tautness. Help! You know I am desperate if I am sending this email out to the world... -Tired of being a mom with messy underwear

I'm sure you'll hear from a few folks, but I can commisserate. I had bad hemmorroids when pregnant with my 2nd baby (showed up with first, but didn't bother me). It was horrible when I was pregnant - that would turn hard and fill with blood and basically be so painful I couldn't sit. It was just pressure from the baby.

In any case, post-baby, they no longer hurt, but they are still there, and according to my dr., they don't go away. You can pursue surgery to remove the tissue, but from what I've heard, is not a fun surgery.

I have the same issue when going to the bathroom now - it's embarrassing. I have the cottonelle wipes and that helps, but it's like a project to clean up.

Wish I had some real advice, but it seems it is one of those post-baby facts of life some of us are stuck with. Laura

what you're describing is not hemorrhoids at all. My mom had a similar problem, though more severe-she had to manually push her bowels up out of her vaginal area in order to poop-due to being told to push for hours before she was fully dilated and effaced when in labor with my brother. She ended up requiring surgery to fix the problem. You should talk to a doctor. anon

Witch hazel is an astringent, so it does help to repucker you. It closes pores on your face, and is also the thing that works the best for hemorrhoids for me. (TMI, I know.) Not really about pain. Couldn't hurt to do the kegels. And perhaps you could consult a proctologist? Sounds pretty severe, you shouldn't have to live like that. Good luck.

I think Kegels could help. You may have scar tissue, or just really funked out muscles. First, I'd have your Dr.take a look (I know, not such a dignified thought)... Hemorrhoids are varicose veins in the anus that pop out and can be very painful. Sounds like you have overused muscles...but again, I'd have someone look at them. There are exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor...you could probably find them on line, or working with a personal trainer or especially a Pilates trainer would be a great idea if you can find time and have $ to do it. There is a woman on this site...Karen C...(can't remember) who is a Pilates trainer and who used to teach a class just about the Pelvic floor...maybe she'll see this post...or maybe someone else knows her name. I want to say Castle. Good luck...there is a cure in sight. Pilates trainer and mom who pushed out 2 kids.

While I wish that I had some suggestions for you (I'm sure someone else will) I just wanted to write and say thank you for posting this super-hard-to-talk-about question - right on! Childbirth (and aging) bring with them SO many things we never thought we'd have to deal with (I still cross my legs every time I sneeze AND don't really know how to talk about. I just applaud you for putting this out there, cuz I'm sure you're not the only one, and bet that at least a few women will be eagerly anticipating some answers. Wish I Had An Answer!

I missed the original message, but after my second child I had prolapse... my doctor recommended a specialized physical therapist with experience with post-partum problems like these. I was in physical therapy for six months and had to not only exercise, but go through massage treatment for the muscles which had been badly strained... so when I was trying to do Kegels, it was just ending up hurting me more and making the situation worse.

I went to a place down in LA (ATPtraining.com), but if I hadn't done the therapy my own efforts were just making the situation worse and worse - so I would recommend getting professional help. It made a huge difference for me! --

My issues are nowhere near as severe as yours, but I definitely have swollen hemorrhoids. I drink pineapple juice (not from concentrate) or eat pineapple. I think it is bromalain in the the pineapple that reduces the swelling. It doesn't take very much - maybe 4-6 ounces of juice twice a week. It's inexpensive, healthy and worth a try. hope this helps

I just wanted to chime in. This sounds to me too like beyond hemmorhoids. Even though this may require more aggressive treatment eventually, don't pass up pelvic floor physical therapy.

Lizanne Pastore in SF is GREAT and she takes some insurances. IMO it's worth the out of pocket if nec just to find out and she WON'T waste your time and WILL include you in what you can do. She does great soft tissue and smaller muscle work. She's skilled & caring, a lovely person. She works together with some doctors so she's not against more conventional methods - which is good because some rectal problems do require surgery.

As you may have guessed I went through major rectal issues, pre- and post-surgery, originally caused by horrible Kaiser childbirth. 3 1/2 hrs pushing and the PT's say it shouldn't exceed an hour. (Oh and thanks for taking the numbing drug out of the epidural for the pushing and not telling me! Guess what, women CAN push while numb, they do it at other hospitals all the time.) Then years later a Kaiser surgeon created a new problem because she was not a rectal specialist, though I asked for one from the start but didn't know I should have demanded. Can you tell I have a tiny bit of residual Kaiser anger?

In addition to Lizanne, who I found when Kaiser wouldn't deal with me except to tell me to live with a dysfunctional rectum, get over it and stop searching the internet, I eventually found Zelda, PT at Richmond Kaiser. Lizanne actually found her for me. They were both crucial to my healing. Zelda focused more on overall muscle tone, had great bio-feedback equipment, easy & effective homework exercises, an incredible personality, it was fun to see her! After 9-12 months with these 2 gals I was 95% normal and the damage before was bad. Different from yours but bad. Another great resource I learned about was USF (UCSF?)'s top notch colo-rectal dept.

I think it's better to work naturally with the body's own healing and alternative therapies before considering surgery. If you do need surgery, demand a rectal specialist off the bat. Pain after rectal surgery is really bad but only for a few minutes a day for a few weeks. - No need to live with it, good luck!

Need help with postpartum hemorrhoids

Aug 2010

I'm looking for a doctor to help with postpartum hemorrhoids. I have tried steroid creams, witch hazel, sitz baths, and benzocaine creams which have not helped and need a more permanent solution. I'm also interested in other things people have tried that have worked for them. Thanks! Suffering for too long

I had a similar issue with postpartum hemorrhoids (which actually were an issue before i got pregnant, but were worse postpartum) and went to see the wonderful acupuncturists at san francisco community acupuncture (sliding scale, $20-$40 a session). They gave me some herbs that have worked wonders (and they don't even taste that bad!). I had some other issues as well, which they id'ed as a ''blood deficiency'' so the herbs were a blend to address both problems. I'm quite sure any good acupuncturist who works with Chinese herbs would be able to help you as well. I was amazed at how quickly the hemorrhoids subsided. Good luck. mich

OMG! Nobody seems to take this pain seriously! I am finally seeing Dr. David Bitar, a rectum specialist, in Berkeley (at 2900 Telegraph, just north of Ashby, 510/845-4638). He said that the anus has the second most number of nerves in the body (the first is the eyes), so no wonder it hurts to have hemorrhoids. I'm dealing with an anal tear (had a very painful shot in the rectum which helped immensely and am now using nitroglycerin cream!!!), and he will remove my hemorrhoids once I've healed (so I can't speak to that treatment right now). His offices are old school--real chairs in the waiting room, white enamel cabinets, old machines with mysterious tubes, and burlap wall paper--he's been there a while. I liked his sense of humor and felt comfortable speaking with him even though he's a guy. I really feel like he gets it and that he can help. Another woman from the BPN has recommended him as well--going in the day after childbirth! New Meaning to Pain in the A$$

There are quick and painless therapies available, you just have to ask for them and/or find a doctor that offers them. One is called Ultroid which uses a current to zap the hemorroid at the base (it has to be internal and not external, if it's external you may be out of luck). The other is laser based, it's even quicker (a couple of seconds) and similarly painless (though not without discomfort) and safe. I think it's called IRC. Both of these can be done in a Dr's office in a matter of minutes. Get a referral to a gastroenterologist if your primary doc doesn't do these therapies - though there's no reason why they couldn't, doctors just need to start screening for hemorrhoids and get on-board with the technology. Not A Doctor

Dealing with post-partum hemorrhoids

Oct 2009

hello wise parents out there in the interwebs...

I've had these delightful extrusions since oh, about the middle of my pregnancy and my son is now six months old. While I was pregnant I used cabbage leaves and they seemed to slow the swelling and reduced the general mass of the hemorrhoids. Since I've had the baby though, cabbage has been a little more difficult to use... as I'm up and about a LOT more.

Anyway, please offer sage advice about dealing with this. I don't want to hear 'there's nothing you can do about it'. I would consider surgery as a very, very last option. If you have natural, non-invasive remedies to offer... please write.

Thanks for your time!
Piles in my pants... heh heh heh

Poor Babeeee....I'm sure you have MUCH support here. I also got them during both pregnancies and they show up now and then when I'm not drinking enough water and eating enough fiber...So, that's first....Drink LOTS of water, every day and be sure you are eating plenty of fiber ie:fresh fruits and vegies mostly, some high fiber grains, if you eat grains. Apples have tonz of fiber, as do berries, etc. In the shower, massage them back in. I know it sounds yucky, but you're in the shower...Also, kegals. You want to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. I have used Prep H in the past...it helps, And I think I used a homeopathic hemmorhoid cream...I don't remember if it helped or not. Lie down at some point during the day and put your legs up on a wall, or chair. Above all, avoid straining...while pooping, picking up kids, etc. When you pick up kids, squat down, pull your abs and pelvic floor in to support your lower back and bottom. Good luck. You probably don't need surgery unless they get so bad with no change even doing all the right things...so don't worry, but get busy. been there...there's a way out.

Chinese medicine has an herbal remedy called Fargelin (or Phargelin) that helps with piles. Some people also benefit from homeopathic remedies like witchazel. Dr. Shen's in Berkeley has the chinese remedy. Any healthfood store that carries homeopathic (i.e. Boiron remedies) ought to have the witchhazel. Good luck. experienced

I used a blend of essential oils to heal my hemmoroids postpartum. Plenty of water and fiber, and for the two weeks even a daily stool softener helped everything move gently and the essential oils healed the inflammation and bleeding. You can make your own or if you email me I can make you some. 5 drops each rose geranium, myrrh, cypress, and peppermint essential oils (therapeutic grade from your health food store, not fragrance oils). Mix in base of 2-3 tablespoons of vegetable or nut oil. Apply directly to affected area 3-4 times per day or as needed, especially after a bm. Hope this helps. Nicole

Try witch hazel-soaked gauze pads several times a day after the hottest bath you can take, as burning hot as possible. If you do a sitz bath I suppose you could just pour a ton of the w.h. in. Personally, I had inside ones & I inserted the stuff and it shrunk them. (I know I know, Drs say don't insert things but I'm here to tell you if that's the origin of the problem that's where you put the stuff.) Besides that, Anusol HC cream and suppositories - this is Rx - 2-3 times a day alternating with the witch hazel. Best to wait 1-2 hours after bm to insert anything because it'll be irritated.

I know you said natural but heat and those 2 things are the best. If the origin is inside the rectum, hot water should cover abdomen for best results. Of course, good veg/fruit/high fiber/tons of water diet, sleep, and don't lift stuff if you can help it. As for substances, those 2 are IT. Good luck! Anon

I've had moderate to extremely bad hemorroids off an on since before pregnancy (pregnancy certainly made them MUCH worse) and have tried a lot of different things over the years. I do think witch hazel is a good preventative measure, to keep the area clean and constricted. What is working well for me on those thankfully more rare occassions that I still get them is to apply a natural remedy called ''Hemorroids No More'' made by a company called Forces of Nature, let it absorb, and then follow up with a good, thick zinc oxide diaper cream (my favorite is Waleda). I do this right before bed, and right after I shower in the morning. I've always been amazed at how quickly diaper cream heals raw little bottoms, and it works well in this context - the zinc oxide really seems to protect and sooth the area. Good luck!! sitting pretty

I had hemorrhoids before I was pregnant, while I was pregnant and still get them two and half years out. I've noticed that they are worse when I eat tomatoes so often just cutting back on that fixes things right up. When they've been particularly unbearable though, my acupuncturist has performed a totally bizarre procedure that literally makes the biggest hemorrhoids disappear overnight. I don't know all the details (I don't totally understand it. I just trust her and all is well.) but she cut a very small area behind each of my knees, squeezed out some blood and I think that was it. I know it sounds crazy but it was like a miracle. Not something I would do for a little one but if I have another giant walnut hanging down, I'd do it again in a second. Good luck! All Healed Up

Itchy butt after giving birth

Oct 2009

Here is my problem. After giving birth to my (now) one year old, I have been having itchiness of my butt (the hole area specifically). I have looked down there and don't see anything out of the norm but also find it slightly painful occasionally to have a BM and ocasionally have a small amount of blood. I figure this is probably the result of a hemorrhoid inside but have really not addressed the problem in any way. Has anyone else experienced this? Should I start using Prep H? Or something else?

Lovely isn't it!!! Been there and it sucks but it does eventually go away. The occasional pain and blood is yes probably an internal hemorrhoid and I don't think prep h will help try yoplait activia yogurt daily it's great and has helped immensely with the painful poops. As far as the itching I found bathing more often than usual accompanied with hydrocortisone cream on the affected outside area takes the itching away. Good luck and remember this is just another one of those wonderful things that comes with the package. Formerly Itchy

I had a similar experience after the birth of my second child. The itchiness is often related to a mild yeast infection which can result from the hormone changes during pregnancy and postpartum. Simply start taking some probiotics (healthy bacteria for the digestive system). You can find them in a special refrigerated section at the health food store). I like the one called Jarrodophilus. You can take as many as 2 with each meal. As for the painful BM and blood - yes, hemmoroids. Make sure to get plenty of fiber and water and even try a stool softener for a few weeks. I also made my own tushie cream instead of Prep-H. 5 drops each essential oils of cypress, rose geranium, peppermint in 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Apply to ''the hole'' as needed. Really helps soothe the area and will help heal the hemmoroid. You can get the essential oils at a good healthfood store or herb store. Hope this helps! Happy Tushie Now

You can go see a proctologist who specializes in these things. It does sound like hemorroids. But, since you are seeing blood, then you should go to the doctor and they will either give you a shot to make the hemorroid go down, or prescribe a topical ointment. Anon

Well, I had the same issue. It is most likley hemorrhoids. They start out with a bad itch and blood and the it can become sore or you can feel like you have a small cut.It gets worse. For me it hurt to use the bathroom any kind of way for some time. My suggestion is drink lots of water and any topical ointment would work Prep H ointment is what I liked. I also tried a homeopathic remedy you can get that at any Pharmaca or Berkeley Bowl. I'd adress this asap because it can get really bad.You can bleed more and be so uncomfortable. Also, try more veggies.Spinach and greens instead of potatoes, anythin that can constipate you. Goodluck! N's Mommy

sounds like hemorrhoids. I had a lot of problems with this for months after the birth. Talk to your doctor about getting a prescription strength cream, prep H is not strong enough. My doctor said you really have to use a lot of the cream regularly until the problem is under control. You need to get the hemorrhoids tissue back down to normal levels, otherwise there is always this low level of inflammation that flares up at the slightest thing. Also, you need to make sure you are eating enough high fiber foods and drink LOTS of water. If you just eat the high fiber foods and don't drink enough water, you just make the consipation, and hence the hemorrhoids worse. Anon

Please go see a proctologist or your family doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment of your situation. It sounds like anal fissures, but you should go see your doctor, especially with the blood symptom. If it is fissures, what worked for me was avoiding cheese and cutting down on dairy in general, taking an over the counter stool softener for a couple weeks, increasing fiber intake, avoiding stoned fruit and bananas but eating prunes, watermellon, and seeded fruit like apples. If stool size is too large or too hard, it can tear the skin. Doing the above helps soften stools so the skin tissue isn't aggrevated and can have a chance to heal. But again, see a doctor for treatment specific to your situation.

There is a topical perscription called Analpram which has a higher strength of hydrocortisone than what you can get over the counter. It helps with the discomfort and itching until fissures heal. You may want to ask your doctor if this is an option for you, in the event fissures is your problem.

A few months after my C-section and a subsequent 2nd surgury, I mistakenly thought I had hemorrhoids and told this to one of the OBGYNs in the practice that I USED to go to. Instead of looking at the exterior skin first, she proceeded to do an incredibly painful internal rectal exam. I was in tears! She concluded it didn't appear to be hemorrhoids, but never bothered to check for fissures. When I went to the proctologist, he talked to me first to get full description of my symptoms and ask me about my stool size. Then, after a simple visual exam where he barely even touched me, he diagnosed fissures--6 of them no less! He also explained that surgery can increase stool size, which was the cause in my case. sounds familiar

Sounds like hemorrhoids. I got a referral from my HMO to a specialist after one thrombosed, and they recommended stapling, which is major surgery with general anesthesia and a downtime of a few weeks. I tried all the dietary solutions (extra fiber, lots of liquids), but they continued to irritate me and eventually another thrombosed, which is incredibly painful. I then found a place called the Center for Colorectal Health in San Francisco that does a banding procedure that is relatively pain free, and my problem was solved. The Dr. there is Dr. Carolyn Million, and they fit me in the next day. All she does is colorectal work, and she's great. a former sufferer

Pregnant with painful hemorrhoids

April 2009

I'm pregnant and at only 26 weeks, I have already developed prolapsed hemorrhoids that are bleeding. With my previous pregnancy I developed hemorrhoids right before birth and they went away right after. This time I'm wondering how I can live with this pain for months. Based on my past experience, it seems to me this is something doctors are sort of unsympathetic about -- have others had that experience? I can't tell if it is because there's nothing they can do, or it's beneath them, or what. If you developed hemorrhoids early in pregnancy, what did you do? Did you just have to tough it out? Was your doctor sympathetic? I'm doing baths and using suppositories, and eating right, but none of it has any effect. anon, please

I've struggled with hemorrhoids off and on - especially in pregnancy when I finally figured out that drinking or eating ginger brought them on. My mother confided in me that ginger does the same for her too. When not pregnant - alcohol also has a similar effect although not as immediate as ginger. Maybe there is something healthy in your diet that is causing it? anon

I had this happen with my 2nd pregnancy as well. I guess it's just how the baby sits lower, things are more stretched out/etc. I had them with pregnancy #1 as well (at the end) and they didn't bother me, and went away like yours.

Anyway, with #2, the hemorrhoids developed at 20 weeks and it was horrible. I was eating well - I wasn't constipated, but they just came anyway. I got a thrombosed one (basically a blood clot) and I effectively couldn't sit! My dr. was out of town when this happened, so I went to a general practitioner, and they were not sympathetic. Granted, it was a man, and he was like, it's just life, it'll go away, take baths.

There is very little, medication-wise, to do. I ended up sitting on a donut pillow (not a plastic one but a foam one) and using some prescription analgesic that they gave me. But I ended up with 3 of the thrombosed hemorroids (about once every other month from month 5) and it was the only thing on my mind. Made it hard to work, walk, or just sit and watch TV at night.

In fact, the reason my OB agreed to induce me at 40 weeks was because I was so miserable, and it was the hemorroids, above and beyond, that drove me to that point.

The good thing is that literally, within a week of given birth, things were 95% better. I am still dealing with the after effects 5 months later, but it's quite tolerable.

Good luck - and I can definitely commiserate! Laura

I've had serious pain issues with this kind of thing. One thing that really helped a lot is - 2 things - witch hazel, and Anusol HC gel or cream (was otc but now Rx). Inside and outside. My problem originated inside. Nobody tells you how to deal with that, but I found small (''10 cc'' really skinny) syringes (minus needles of course) and injected both those substances alternately throughout the day. Lubricate the tip of the syringe w/ the gel. W.hazel causes a not fun contracting sensation at first, then it passes. My strong opinion is the w.hazel shrinks things. Do it first, then 15-20 min later or so the suppositories with the gel. Or just 2-3 syringes full of gel, I found the suppositories hurt with prolapsed h's. The idea is constant soothing lubrication in there. Make a gentle ''pushing out'' motion and ironically that allows the syringe to go in.

Wait 1-2 hours after a bowel mvmt. to do anything internal, because it can be sore then and the area cleans itself in a couple of hours too. Externally, you can soak gauze in w.hazel and put that over the h's a couple of times a day or night. (It can leak so allow for that.) Alternate with Anusol if you want externally too.

Of course, do all the dietary stuff, tons of water, fiber, fruit, vegs, no red meat or white flour, you probably know all that. Focus on the routine of doing these healing things, not on immediate relief - that seemed to help my mood. It just goes away when it's ready, but this stuff will give you relief.

Most docs say not to apply anything internally and very few of them know about or would even consider witch hazel, but I'm here to tell you, it doesn't hurt you and it works. One rectal surgeon I happened upon who wasn't even my doc promoted w.hazel. Try to get syringes from the doc, nurses, or a pet supply store or vet. They use these little ones to feed baby kittens. - unfortunately, been there

I saw Dr Roark, who has several decades of experience, for anal itching/bleeding. Thorough and does not make you feel that the problem is in any way unworthy of attention. 510 8482100 I drink ALOE VERA juice, which helps - I don't know if you can do this while pregnant. anon

One other 'remedy' that I haven't seen anyone talk about is the miracle that is psyllium (sold as Metamucil). I suffered after my second child was almost a year old w/lingering hemorrhoids and finally saw a specialist. I had always dismissed soluble fiber because I already eat so much fiber in my regular diet and know that constipation is not the cause. Here's the deal w/psyllium, it's a packaging agent and makes for very very clean elimination. I don't have to tell you how irritating it is to wipe the area. In fact, don't do that either. Use a peri-bottle when they're really bad. And drink the psyllium rather than taking it in capsule. Solved my problems. Good luck

Two months post-partum - hemorrhoids really hurt!

Jan 2009

two weeks after i gave birth i got hemmoroid. it really hurted. since than i have been very careful about constipation. but now, 3 weeks later i think i am getting hemmoriods again even though i dont have constipation. my mom told me that this is with life and will keep going on and off. i am really worried because it really hurts that i cant even walk. i live alone with my 2 month old baby and my husband. i dont know how i am going to do all chores. Worried

It's possible it's something besides hemorrhoids--in the months following my son's birth I thought I had hemorrhoids, but it was actually anal fissures from the 3rd degree laceration I had. It hurt so horribly, like almost worse than giving birth. I do not think hemorrhoids hurt that much, but I don't know since I haven't had them. It might be worth going to the doctor and having yourself checked out, because it might be something that you could get relief from! Good luck, I know how awful it can be. ouch, been there

I have three children, and with the birth of my first child I didn't really know what hemorrhoids were, so I suffered for weeks and weeks before my mid-wife clued me into what the problem was. I had them cauterized, and all was well. After the births of my other two children, I practically stopped off at the proctologist on the way home from the hospital. I really was in the waiting room with a one day old baby. Get them taken care off ASAP. As a new mom you really need to take care of yourself. I saw Dr. Bitar, 2900 Telegraph Ave.; phone (510) 845 4638. He doesn't have the best bedside manner, but he gets the job done. happy healthy mama

I am so sorry for your pain, I have three kids so I understand. You should definitly talk to your doctor. I thought I had hemorroids and came to find out I had an anal fissure (small tear in the anaus). It was sooo painful and required a different kind of treatment then hemorroids. So, go see you doctor and get a proper diagnosis so you can feel better soon. Good luck! anon

I've also had hemorrhoids... mine started mid-pregnancy though and from what I understand, they are likely to worsen during the birth. Essentially, it is a vein that has collapsed due to pelvic pressure and therefore started to 'pile' up outside the rectum. There is no 'cure' for it and although it can become smaller and 'go away', I may always be prone to it. I have found that Tuck's Medicated Wipes help, and I am told that Preparation H would as well. Natural remedies that I recently heard about but haven't tried yet are: fresh organic cabbage- clean and then apply to affected area for short periods of time infusion with dandelion- soak in this Good luck! I feel your pain

Ouch I totally feel for you. A few weeks after birth I had the same thing. I tried the creams, sitz baths, stool softeners etc. Then I went to a general surgeon who totally recommended surgery forthwith! Then I went to a rectal specialist. He diagnosed it as a fissure. (Which can happen from hard labor.) Its often misdiagnosed as ''piles'' or hemorrhoids, but is a tear that goes deep. He gave me a nitrite based cream which fully relaxed the muscles and allowed the fissure to heal. Also he prescribed stool softeners and fiber capsules. A month or two later I was MUCH better. 5 years later I have never had a reoccurrence, but I do take fiber capsules every day. Bottom (no pun intended) line - see an anal specialist!! I am so glad I did. anon

I had hemroids after the birth of my first child. First, if they are so painful you can't walk, you need to see a medical person pronto. I have found taking 1 teaspoon of a metamucil type product (look in your nearest drug store & proprietary brands are just fine) at breakfast & at dinner does the trick. Have done this for years w/excellent results. Happy Grandmother

Hemorrhoids - Cure worse than condition?

Oct 2008

Sorry to introduce this icky topic, but I'm seeking advice about how to treat hemorrhoids. Physicians I've talked to are very reluctant to prescribe actual ''removal'' -- saying that surgery and other options are extremely painful, so it's better to try and manage the condition by diet, stool softeners, warm baths, etc. That's okay as far as it goes, but I'm at the point where this is a significant cosmetic concern, if you get my drift. What advice is out there? Anonymous

Unfortunately, I know something about this topic. I had pain so severe (there were a couple of different problems all at once) that I had to have surgery. My brother had not much pain but a situation like yours and (warning: stop here for the faint of heart) continual blood he had to deal with. He too had surgery. If either of those situations get too bad and don't respond to conservative treatment, surgery can be a good option. (are genetics involved?)

The important thing is to get a ano-rectal specialist. DO NOT allow a general surgeon to attempt a hem-ectomy. If it's Kaiser, go through all the hoops to get to the specialist and be a complete b--ch about it. Mine was done by a general surgeon because I had no idea. She just cut tissue out in a ''plane'' - a large flat area, and you can't do that. It took me a year of researching, paying out of pocket for different therapies, my quality of life was altered - but a year to get myself close enough to normal. (A guy in a Castro St. sex shop had some of the most helpful info.)

My brother, on the other hand, had a specialist who knew the ''bridge'' procedure - it goes by other names too but it keeps the tissue doing what it needs to do. We all have 3 main veins or whatever they are and it's best to have all 3 taken out, which my brother's doc did.

Recovery is hell, I'll warn you, I learned what ''cold sweat'' really means. But only during the times you have to you-know- what and it improves and after a couple of weeks it's manageable and the pain and whatever else will be gone and you're free. Just get a specialist who's done a thousand of them, who can tell you all about the special procedure and draw you a diagram. Good luck! been there

Sorry I don't have much advice for you, but I have used Rhoid Balm by Motherlove in the past for a small hemorrhoid and it was very helpful for discomfort and healing. You can buy it at whole foods. anon

Do not have any kind of rectal surgery for this condition. My mother had surgery and wishes she could take it all back. She is much worse than she was just dealing with the hemorrhoids. Advice- do not ever get constipated. Ice cubes, witch hazel, 400 units of Vitamin E every day as long as it doesn't constipate you, lie on your side and stomach as much as possible, unsweetened cranberry juice and pro-biotics for itching and burning. Cut out dairy, sugar, corn, nuts, caffeine, chocolate and see how that helps. Don't sit in a tub too long or it will make it worse. Short, cool baths if you must and NO SOAP! anonymous

Mayber you're past this, but I always find that generous amounts of witch hazel are very helpful in making hemorrhoids disappear. (for cleaning, for a compress locally applied as long as is practical) It's an astringent; I also put it in a spray bottle and use it as toner for my face. Good luck. Bonnie

Surgery does not sound fun, and many people are not happy with the results. Even if you have surgery, the problem will recur if you do not take preventive steps.

The Public Citizen Health Research Group advises against the use of Preparation H, too. Instead, use petroleum jelly or zinc oxide as a protective coating to prevent further irritation and to speed healing. In addition, add lots more insoluble fiber (whole wheat, buckwheat, bran, etc.) to your diet and never, ever strain while on the toilet. No more white bread

Hello Hemoroids can be treated with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs. If you have any questions or want a referral please contact me. Good Luck! jennifer

I'm an acupuncturist and have helped many with hemorrhoids successfully, bleeding. Acupuncture is a gentler and less painful procedure. It truly eradicates the source of the problem. There really isn't that much that western medicine can do apart from surgery but Traditional Chinese Medicine can accomplish a lot with acupuncture and herbal medicine. B.

Try using collinsonia or the herbal tincture ''Healthy Veins.'' It is a combination of Butcher's Broom and other things,and you can get it at any natural foods store. Personally, I find it a miracle cure. Relieves the swelling and discomfort 100% within 24-48 hours. Good luck

Hemorrhoids are partly due to heredity, so if they run in your family, it's extra-important to get lots of exercise, in addition to a high-fiber diet with lots of whole grains, high-fiber vegetables, legumes, and high-fiber fruits.

There are also specific exercises to prevent or reverse hemorrhoids. Kegel exercises strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. A similar exercise is to do the OPPOSITE of what you do to make the hemorrhoids worse, i.e., push down slightly, as if you are going to the bathroom, and then pull back as much as you can for several minutes. Repeat several times during the day, especially when you are sitting. Family History Buff

Hemorrhoids are definitely genetic! My mother, my brother and myself have all confided in each other that eating ginger or drinking gingerale, and drinking beer - maybe alcohol in general - bring on flare ups for all three of us. As long as I'm mindful of those foods, I don't have any problems. When I do, I've found homeopathic products to be of some relief. selective eater now

Surgery for hemorrhoids

Sept 2007

After putting it off for several years, I'm finally ready to deal with the external hemorrhoids that I developed during childbirth, and am looking for a competent surgeon to deal with this issue. Surprisingly there is only one, very old, recommendation on the website, so I am looking for anyone that has had fairly recent experience with this process. I have heard both that it can be excrutiatingly painful and that it is no big deal, so would love some real-life testimonials. Thanks! anon

I highly recommend the office of Dr. Lawrence Yee at CPMC in San Francisco 415 923-3020. Don't think twice about the drive, it's worth it. Dr. Yee and his staff are very pleasant, make you feel at ease, and are very competent. I was very embarassed to go in, and after saying so, was very quickly comforted (and releived...) I suggest having a ride, since coming back might be a bit painful (the anesthesia can wear off while you're in traffic). Actually, this is how much I recommend Dr. Yee: if you need a ride from Berkeley, I'll do it ...and I have a six month old! Good luck. s

Treatment for Outrageous Hemorrhoids

May 2006

Any advice or sucessful treatments for OUTRAGEOUS hemorrhoids that started from a pregnancy 3 years ago? I visited Dr. Bitar (Telegraph, Berkeley) and was told that after I had put with this problem for awhile longer I would come back to him and want to have them cut out, in office with only a local. Change in diet was also recommended, but is not practical for me. Do you have a recommendation for another Proctologist? anon

I suffered for about 8 years with hemorrhoids following the birth of my son. I tried everything to postpone surgery but last year I did undergo surgery. The surgeon was Dr. Ajay Upadhay in Oakland (510) 465-5523. He was very kind and competant. I had surgery under general anesthesia. I had a terrible side effect while in my first week of recovery. Due to the constipating effects of codine, I became impacted and had to return to the hospital for another surgery to unplug me. It was horrible and I had to stay in the hospital for 5 days until my body could pass solids. Apparently, the doctor had this happen under his care only one other time but let me tell you, it was a living hell. I do recommend using a sitz bath to soak your sore bottom and to use it to relax so that you can deficate more easily. That was a god's send really. Slowly I recovered and now a year later I'm glad it's over. I wish you much luck in your decision and make sure you have lots of child care and support if you choose surgery. Glad it's Behind Me

I speak from experience- diet is key when it comes to hemmorhoids! Can't you manage it somehow? Mine never got to what I'd call outrageous, but the pain and itching was persistent and way beyond a drag. When I gave in and followed the basic diet guidelines- not perfectly but pretty good- they shrunk down and haven't hurt or itched or bled in a long time. Once you have one you have it unless you do have it cut out, but many can be coddled into submission. If you have the genetic tendency to them you can get new ones if you don't take care of yourself. I guess you already know about warm (not hot) sitz-baths as often as possible, twice a day for sure when they're acting up. You can fold a small towel and put it under your butt cheeks in the tub if you're too sore to sit on the hard surface.

Also learning to relax your anal sphincters can help a lot. You're probably too sore right now to exercise them (simple tightening and releasing), but just regularly paying attention to the tension you're holding there and learning to let it go bit by bit will help a lot. anon

I don't know whether they were outrageous, but my hemorrhoids got to be highly un-ignorable a while back. I was succesfully treated by Dr. Jim Otis, a Chiropractic Neurologist, in Oakland near Summit Hospital, who is very knowledgeable on using nutritional supplements. I believe it was B5 that was the winner for me, after about two weeks, which at the time seemed way to long to be suffering, but in retrospect, was perhaps as good as a cure is going to get. He might or might not propose the same for you.... Here is his contact info: http://www.jimotisdc.com/ Best wishes, anon

I had pretty good luck with acupuncture for hemoroids. I had been in terrible discomfort, and was seeing an acupuncturist for another issue, mentioned the hemoroids, and in 1 treatment they shrunk incredibly. With the next treatment they were gone! I saw Elizabeth Padron-Vos on Dwight Way in Berkeley N

Dr. Arthur Stanten for Hemorrhoidectomy

April 2004

I was wondering if anyone has had hemorrhoid surgery performed by Dr. Arthur Stanten, M.D. (Sr., not Jr.) at Summit and whether or not you would recommend him. My ob/gyn highly recommended Dr. Bitar, but my health insurance will not cover him. I don't know much about Dr. Stanten and would love to hear from anyone who has been his patient.

Also, how was the recovery? When I met with Dr. Stanten he said I would be put under general anethesia for this outpatient procedure. I have an active toddler and am wondering how long I might be out of it or off my feet. Thanks. extremely nervous about surgery

I saw Dr. Bitar last December and at the time his office was working on changing their health insurance affiliation. Though my health insurance (HealthNet) did not yet cover Dr. Bitar, he was strongly recommended by my OBGyn and I saw him anyway. He's a great doctor and definitely didn't overcharge. Good luck! Shirley

Still have hemorrhoids from the pregnancy

May 2002

Several months after my second child was born, I still have hemorrhoids from the pregnancy. I do everything recommended by the doctors (including drinking lots of water, eating fiber, exercising,and the various medications) and constipation is not a problem. I'm frustrated and on the verge of considering the more extreme solutions such as surgery. Before I do so, I wonder if anyone has tried alternative medicine for this problem. I've had acupuncture, but it didn't seem to help.

You didn't mention how long it's been since you delivered your baby. I had terrible hemmoroids with my first child and I'm happy to say that I didn't have any with my second. It took ages for them to finally go away. I adapted my diet as you did. Then, ever time one popped out, I pushed it back in. I used a drop of vitamin e oil, though I think you could probably use nearly anything slippery. I also, and still continue to cleanse with wet toilet paper instead of dry. It's much more comfortable, effective, and cost conscience than adult wipes. There's also no extra chemicals. Then the other thing I did, is begin an exercise program that includes toning my perineal musculature. That has really helped then not come back. Also, less sitting and more movement breaks. I hope this helps. Good luck. Dori

Here's what helped my hemorrhoids, which I never had before I became pregnant:
1. Nelsons hemorrhoid cream sometimes found in the homeopathic section of a natural grocery or vitamin store
2. kegel exercises
3. washing the anus with soap and water after every bowel movement (unless I was in a public, cubicled bathroom!) Hope this helps, happy and hemorrhoidless

Regarding your diagnosis of hemorrhoids (sp?): Please make sure that this diagnosis was correct. I personally suffered terribly for over a year with what repeatedly was diagnosed as hemorrhoids. Because of my complaining, I was ultimately sent to a proctologist who made a correct diagnosis of ''anal fissure'' which is an actual tear in the anal tissue. Mine had gone so long that it had become infected. These fissures can mostly be cauterized and they will heal, but I had to have surgery on mine. If you are having bleeding, go and make sure that you haven't got a fissure. Best of luck to you. Also, the surgery was the best thing I could've done; no more pain or problems. Puerta

[Editor] see Anal Fissure


Nov 2002

I have been diagnosed with a fistula by my OB/GYN. He believes that the fistula was caused by a hematoma which developed after I delivered my 2nd baby, 5 months ago. I have an appointment soon with a surgeon, Dr. David Bitar. I am wondering if anyone has any knowledge of fistulae and/or knowledge of Dr. Bitar. I'm particularly interested in information about recovery time following surgery for a fistula. Thank you. anon.

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