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  • Independent Social Worker

    Nov 24, 2020

    My family is looking for an independent social worker to work with a loved one living on the streets.  Is there a website with a list of social workers in private practice?

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  • Hello - Archives are 6 years old so hoping someone will chime in if they have any current recommendations for an eldercare professional (LCSW or RN) who can act as a geriatric case manager for moving a senior out of area into a Bay Area assisted living facility, and then helping monitor them in the facility. (And we have recently done this for a different parent in Santa Barbara, and happy to recommend professionals there if anyone needs them!) Thank you.

    I would recommend Michelle Gilmore  President, RN, MSN, NP Heartwood Health (510)241-2905. 


    Best of luck. 


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Social Worker to advise on moving parents to the Bay Area

April 2010

Are there any current recommendations from BPN members regarding using a good social worker who would give advice about aged parents being moved from the east coast to here? The situation has deteriorated rapidly over the past few months and mom and dad need to be moved to some sort of care facility in the bay area. We are specifically looking at places in the east bay. Any leads will be appreciated. Worried

Hello, We spoke with Jane Brush, LCSW who is one of a few geriatric social workers who formed Senior Alternatives. She was very helpful (we are in the final stages of moving my mother to SF from London) and I think they are quite used and adept to helping people think through long-distance parental moves. Here's the link http://bayareaseniorcare.com/ Kate

Need someone to advise us about options for elderly parents

July 2008

Seeking recommendations for someone to advise us regarding care, housing options, and financial matters for our elderly parents, including parents with memory loss. Thank you!

We met with Harriette Grooh, PhD who has run her own company HGA Personal Care Consultants for about 25 years. She has nurses, social workers and therapists on staff 24/7. She does no advertising, gets clients through referrals. Her offices are in Marin and SF. Her phone number is 415-924-8311. also seeking elder care

You don't mention whether you are UC faculty, staff, or student but if you are, University Health Services at Tang Center has excellent elder care consulting. My husband and I have both used their referrals, info sessions and individual counseling in caring for our respective parents. They've helped us through parental surgeries and post-surgery care, housing changes, mental health needs, etc. We highly recommend them. Try this URL to start: http://www.uhs.berkeley.edu/facstaff/care/eldercare/index.shtml Best of luck. Dutiful Daughter

I have two resources for you: Mona Lalchandani, Exceptional Senior Placement, 510-910-0344, roshne [at] aol.com You will be very happy to talk with Mona, who is capable and compassionate. Moreover, Mona's services are free to you - paid by the facilities. she is not biased towards any facility bc all of them pay her. Janet Brush, Senior Alternatives, 510-407-0070, janetbrush [at] mindspring.com Janet provides many senior services - fiduciary, care - call both people to see the options.
Jessica B.

Dear Robin - I would highly recommend Joanna Smith, LCSW from Healthcare Liaison. She's been practicing private health care advocacy for many years and has a 20+year social work career. She's kind, trustworthy and very knowledgeable. You can check out her website at www.healthcareliaison.com or contact her by phone at 510.704.8476. I know how difficult these times can be and commend you on being proactive. Good luck to you. Dana

My family and I have been using Joanna Smith from Health Care Liaison to help with legal, housing, and insurance issues related to my father's dementia. She has been an incredible help in prioritizing issues, reviewing complicated long term care contracts and facilitating family meetings where we've had to tackle tough issues. Her services may not seem inexpensive at first($150/hr) but they are well worth it. My belief is that rather than navigate complex waters alone, hire an expert who can cut to the chase. It saves you time and frustration in the end. Joanna is an extremely competent and compassionate health advocate. She's in Berkeley near the Claremont but often can come to you too. Jennifer

If you need legal help with estate planning as part of planning for your parents, I recommend Kathryn Korn in the Orinda area. She also referred me to someone who was very good at helping locate an appropriate board-and-care home for my mother--I don't recall the name of that person, but she used to work as a nurse. Been There and Still There

I highly, highly recommend that you contact the Suse Moyal Center for Older Adult Services in Albany. They do exactly what you're looking for--work with families to determine the best care plan for aging parents, including looking at housing, financial, legal, and emotional issues. Their services also encompass helping family members like you manage the the whole complex process--they'll help you monitor the care and adjust plans as needs change. The staff can really be your parents' advocate in making sure they age with dignity while receiving the best possible care. Full disclosure: the center is a department of the nonprofit agency that I work for, JFCS/East Bay. If you're interested, call (510) 558-7800, ext. 716 and ask for Lisa Yordy. Or check out our website at www.jfcs-eastbay.org. Though ''Jewish'' is in the agency's name, we're nonsectarian and offer services to people from all backgrounds. Best, Holly