Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

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March 2008

There was a recommendation here before for an Acupuncturist for facial rejuvenation. I can't find it anymore. I would like to try it before going to Botox. Please let me know your experience with it, how it worked for you. Thank you Almost 40

For acupuncture, including Facial Rejuvenation I recommend Andy Seplow. He has an office in Berkeley and also works out of the Claremont Spa. His number at his office is 510 604-5518 and at the Claremont 510 843-3000 - Spa reservations. He is wonderful! A big fan of acupuncture

March 2005

Have anyone tryed Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture? If so how did you like it? Do you have any recomentation of a good acupuncturist in the eastbay? Thank you afraid of botox

Sara Rankin, LAC in Oakland does facial rejuvenation accupuncture. 3382 Piedmont Ave, 510 593-7514. She does demonstrations of her work at the Elephant Pharmacy - that would be a way to check it out. I've only gone to her for regular acupuncture (which has been great), so I can't comment on the rejuvenation treatments. Good luck. Melanie