Azul Day Spa


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May 2004

I'm looking for reviews from members on Azul Spa, in Berkeley just off Solano Avenue. It looks nice, but I don't know anyone who has used thier services. I am thinking of giving a gift certificate to a friend. Does anyone have positive/negative experiences with this establishment? Thanks! kim

I've used Azul Day Spa many times and enjoyed it. I've also given gift certificates to others, and they've loved it too. The people are friendly and the prices are extremely reasonable. Yes, some of the curtains or decor look like they could use a facelift, but it's by no means ''out of date'' or worn down. The baths are heavenly, the massages are great (I've only done a pregnancy massage, though) and the facials will make you fall asleep (a good thing!). anon
I got prenatal massages every month from Karen at Azul. she is fantastic...very intuitive. She also has one of those mats that allows pregnant women to lie on their stomachs. I have also had non-pregnancy massages there from her and she is still fantastic. When giving the gift certificate, just tell the person to specify Karen. I have had massages from other people there that I didn't think were great. great gift
I've had a massage, a body scrub and ''slipper tub'' soak at Azul Spa. They were all wonderfully effective in easing the tension that I seldom seem to be aware of accumulating in my body, and in allowing me to feel pampered for awhile. The staff was friendly and professional, the facility was clean and aesthetically pleasant, the waiting area was great to lounge in and sip on a cool drink, and I liked it so much that I have given their gift certificates to clients. The only things that I might say are drawbacks are that much of the space around the central waiting/lounge area is open to the ceiling (walls extend partially up to the ceiling or curtains separate spaces, but you generally don't hear what's happening in the other spaces), and in some areas the plumbing and its sounds can be distracting. These are minor relative to the rest of the experience. On the other hand, the openness is what's nice about it -- a spacious feeling. If you're looking for an in-town spa experience, an accessible respite from your daily routine, this is a great one. DO call ahead for an appointment, and you can check out their website. Baylan
I waited 20 minutes or longer before giving up on my appointment there. I enjoyed my time there for the first five, but come on! It was the opposite of a relaxing experience. I guess if I had all day, Azul might be pleasant enough, but my babysitter charges by the hour. I complained on the way out and they didn't seem at all upset to lose my business. I won't be going back there. Azul too slow for this busy mama
I went to Azul Spa a few years ago and had a full body massage. It was wonderful. The atmosphere at the spa was nourishing and relaxing; it felt like an oasis inside the spa where the massages took place. The amenities were very nice with a great steam bath and private showers. I also appreciated the fact that it is a woman's only spa. My friend treated her bridal party to some serious pampering at Azul before her wedding a few years ago. Cheryl
I was given certificate for a pedicure at Azul as a baby shower present. I liked it, but I don't think it was worth the $40 that my friend paid for it!! I did feel spoiled, but I also felt bad that my friend had spent that much money on it. The pedicure was ok, but nothing amazing.
I got a pedicure there just before I got pregnant with my son, and I remember it well. Not only was it a very enjoyable experience and a very relaxing atmosphere, but the pedicure lasted well throughout my pregnancy: I watched my new nail grow in with the advancement of my pregnancy, and it finally wore off (of the end of the nail, of course!) the week before my son was born. As I was there, there were women getting bathed in a bath of milk in the other room. It sounded lovely. Abby
I went there a couple years ago using a promotional thing they had. It's one big large room with the massage rooms separated by curtains so it doesn't really have that totally relaxing and peaceful feeling that Eliz Arden in SF, or even Claremont has. I got a facial, rose bath, manicure, body wrap and steam room. The body wrap and steam room were the best. I really like Eliz Arden in SF the best -- the facial is unbelievably relaxing. I've been to Claremont a couple of times and there's too many people there and it's too big and impersonal, even though their facilities are really nice. Plus the whole labor dispute makes me not want to go. You can tell that the people who work there are not happy. That is not the case at Eliz Arden. mary
I've been to Azul a few times and have always enjoyed it! Anon
I've been going to Azul since they opened a few years back. It is a lovely, mellow, cozy spa with great staff. I have had massages, facials, salt glows, and pedicures. They also have a nice steam room, comfy chairs, tea, and showers. Appointments during the week are the best as it is less busy and feels even more pampering. Jenn
It sort of depends on what you want. I go to a lot of spas. I thought Azul was OK. relaxation area where you wait was not really inviting. They tried, but it wasn't cozy (concrete floors and really high ceilings). The facial was pretty good, though.

The smell of the nail polish was evident because the walls are not all the way to the ceiling, and I didn't like that while I was getting my massage. The showers were nice, but the set up was such that you were ''cold'' in there.

It's good for a quick massage, but it just doesn't even come close to Mr. Lee in San Francisco or the Claremont Hotel. -- feh!

I have been a customer at Azul Spa for four years. I go a couple of times a year and spend most of the day going from service to service. I love it. The atmosphere is very relaxing. The staff is very friendly. They keep the place clean. There is a sauna you can use between services. There is also a shower you can use after your services if you would like. Complimentary tea, water and juice, are available in the spa. (There is shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion for use in the shower.) When you go they give you flip flops and a robe to wear. They generally are a women's spa, but are getting more men as customers. I have only noticed one in the times I have been there, and it wasn't uncomfortable. The prices are pretty comperable to other spas I have been to on vacations. (The manicure and pedicure is more expensive than you would find at a nail place but again comparable to a spa.) I recommend it to friends and have given and received gift certificates. Rose
I've had waxing (bikini) and pedicures there several times and been quite satisfied with the services. The environment is nice and the waxing is the most gentle I've ever had. I will say the very talented young woman who did my pedicure was a little rough around the edges, so it spoiled an otherwise nice environment. All the other staff were pleasant. On the whole - a thumbs-up. BP
I noticed that everyone's comments about Azul Spa, except for one, never mentioned that it is also open to men. My experience at Azul started off to be really nice and relaxing until a man came into the steam room with me. Now this could have been alright had I known ahead of time that this might happen, but I was under the impression that it was a spa for women, so naturally I wasn't wearing any cloths in the steam room. Both myself and the gentleman were very embarrased by this unexpected situation. Both he and I were very confused. He thought maybe he went in the wrong room. But they only have one steam room. So he waited outside. I felt bad for him. This made the rest of my visit unpleasant. I mentioned what happend to the gals at the front desk as I was leaving, and their reaction was so annoying. They just smiled and sort of laughed, like, oh well! I was toatally confused by my experience there. Should I have complained? Should the spa make it more clear? Should I have worn a bathing suit? What is normal in a coed spa? Has anyone else experienced this at Azul? Laurey
I went there recently as well as a few years ago for maincure and facial. The services were great but... and this is something I feel weird complaining about... the last time I went I could not understand either of the people who helped me. Their accents were so thick and their english was so broken that I had trouble communicating basic information with both of them about the service they were rendering. If I'm paying $10 for a manicure, I don't mind working with someone who doesn't know the language. But if I'm paying Azul prices I don't think it should be that much of a struggle. Azul should get their employees some language training! anon
I just wanted to address some of the questions/concerns about men at Azul in the last newsletter.

The last time I used the spa there was a sign posted on the steam room door recommending that towels be worn in the sauna due to the increasing number of male guests. As a general practice I wear a towel under my robe at the spa anyway. There are bath size towels available in the locker room, and oversize bath towels available in the cabinet next to the steam room. (The drinks are on the top of this cabinet.)

In thinking about other areas of concern, here is what I have noticed: the door to the shower has been replaced with a curtian now, instead of being clear glass. There has always been a men's restroom, and I suppose this is where they change. I don't know if they have lockers of their own in there, if not you might run into a man when he is locking his clothes up, but you could call to verify. In fact,they book up enough in advance, that you could call before your appointment and ask if there are any men who are scheduled for appointments while you are going to be there if that would give you peace of mind. I have always found the staff at Azul to be very friendly and accomodating. a satisfied customer