Baby Acne

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Acne on 8-month-old's cheeks

June 2005

My daughter is 8.5 mths old and has had baby acne on her cheeks since her 4th mth. Doctor says she's a little old for baby acne and maybe it's eczema but she's not scratching. They are pimples. I am just using warm water to wash her face. Does anyone else have this problem or have any advice on how to help clear this up? Thanks! Jen :)

This happened w/ my third son. For us, it was dairy. As soon as I cut it out of my diet his face cleared up. Check your own diet for possible triggers. I figured this out, not our pediatrician who just suggested elidel. Good luck, Courtney

I never did anything about the baby acne. Just leave it alone and then it goes away on its own. Nancy

My kids had baby acne for 3 or 4 months. I think it is related to the mother's hormones still in the baby, and it just goes away after a few months. You don't need to do anything. One of my sons had such bad baby acne that when I took him in for his well baby check, people moved away from us in the waiting room thinking it was some terrible contagious disease! It was sort of unsightly but it did not last very long. Ask your pediatrician - he/she has probably seen it a million times! A Mom