How To Meet Other Single Parents

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Where can single parents meet socially?

June 2004

i am a mom with 2 young children. does anyone know of a group in the east bay where single parents can meet socially? anon

I have been wondering the same thing. Maybe we should try to form some kind of social group . Weekends are hard for me because everyone is having their family fun days and I always feel like my daughter and I are the 3rd (and4rth) wheel. I saw a single parent support group listed in the Bananas newsletter once but it was mostly about working out custody and co-parenting issues. I dont have a co-parent so the group did not sound like a good match for me-besides I'm more interested in just hanging out with other single parents than being in a support group with them. another single mama
There was a recent message by a woman who said she has no co-parent. Our group may be for you: Single Mothers by Choice. See to see if it's a good fit for your situations. If so, consider joining the 'basmc' (Bay Area Single Mothers by Choice) email list to share issues and joys, and to hear about get-togethers. To join, go to or email basmc-owner [at]
Jennie, single mom to a great 4-year-old

Where are the other fabulous single-mothers/fathers?

April 2004

Where are the other fabulous single-mothers/fathers? I have been living in the Bay Area for three years now. My child is one year old. I work part-time as an accountant and the rest of the time as an artist/dancer. My son and I have a fabulous life, but there is a huge hole where there should be friends and community. I have some friends, but none with kids that still want to do things. I see many families in the east bay, but where are the single-parent families? Having friends without kids makes me feel a deep split in my life. I am either ALONE and hanging out with my kid or paying for a babysitter and out with friends feeling ''guilty.'' Where are the potlucks, the friends who just ''drop by'', the playdates? Can anyone recommend a single parents group or know any other single-parents who still lead fabulous lives, but could use some parent friends? I am a bit pagan in my beliefs, but have actually considered joining a church just to have some community around. HELP! Holly

One group that was not mentioned in the archive of single-mother resources is Single Mothers by Choice ( I have been a member of this group since before I conceived my son and found it to be a great source of support, especially when I was pregnant and then when he was little. We have a very active local group; feel free to email me for contact info. Jennie
Nov. 2001

I need to get out and socialize more as I'm feeling very alone as a single parent. How do I meet other single parents? Most people I know are in a coupleship and I would like to meet other people in the same boat more or less. I'm finding the weekend my daughter goes to her father's is very quiet and sometimes lonely. Now that she is almost 6 she is preferring her father which is hard for me. Any advice on either of these topics would be appreciated. Thanks! Nancy

What do you like to do? Are you into church, crafts, exercising, bars? What? That would be a start. You could ask your child's PTA if they have a support group for single parents and you might meet someone there. You didn't say if you interested in same or opposite sex companionship. Quilting bees are a great place to meet other women and you can learn new skills and help the community at the same time. Figure out what you like to do first so you have a common interest and then go from there. Lots of community activity going on at parks as well. Marianne
I am a single Mom of two boys and feel very blessed to have met, over the past months, a group of women who are in the same boat. You are welcome to email me. Sara
Note from the moderator: a good way to connect with other parents is to use the Connections section in the Announcements newsletter