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Nov 2010

Re: Looking in to adoption - can you recommend an agency?
If you are interested in international adoption, I highly recommend Bay Area Adoption Service,, 650-964-3800. Proud mom of a now-19 yr old daughter

Dec 2008

Re: Experience with international adoption agencies?
Although we adopted nearly 17 years ago, I can still recommend Bay Area Adoption Service (BAAS) without reservation. I recently had a wonderful conversation with Janet Shirley, their overseas program coordinator, and she's just as caring and enthusiastic as she was when she helped us. Their executive director, Andrea Stawitcke, has successfully helped BAAS forge its way through the accreditation process under the Hague International Adoption Treaty. And finally, my best friend and fellow adoptive parent has just joined the BAAS Board so I know that it is still strongly committed to enabling, supporting and standing with the parents who come through the BAAS doors. Check them out at I wish you the best in finding your child. Jody L

Oct 2007

Re: Researching Chinese adoption - which agency?
Both Holt and ACCEPT have good reputations, but we used Bay Area Adoption Services (BAAS) and could not have asked for a better fit for our adoption. They bring home many children from China. You can reach them at (650) 964-3800. Their website is Jody L

June 2006

Re: Heartsent
I don't know anything about Heartsent, but if you are looking to adopt internationally, I cannot recommend more highly Bay Area Adoption Service. We adopted from Paraguay through BAAS nearly fifteen years ago. They are located in Mountain View, but hold orientations and pre-adopt classes all over the bay area. They are extremely knowledgable, supportive, and caring people. Most, if not all, of the staff and volunteers are also adoptive parents. Lots of collective experience and wisdom! They can be reached at 650-964-3800. anon

March 2006

Re: Looking for feedback about China adoption
BAAS was very good and personal. The adoption classes are excellent and the travel was in small groups or single family. There was lots of personal attention before and after the adoption. There was erroneous advice in the April 8 Berkeley Parents Network newsletter about having to readopt. There is no need to readopt if the adoption is from China. The adoptions are completed in China. the only legal paperwork in the US is if you want a birth certificate and that requires a form and a motion in the county to register the birth. BAAS gives you all the correct information on the process. Juliet

Feb 2002

Re: Agency for China adoption
About agencies for Chinese adoptions - there are several good ones to choose from locally. I used BAAS and recommend them. The staff are easy to work with (and are all adoptive parents themselves), but the best thing about BAAS is their China facilitator, Xiaoqing Cai. My experience with them was excellent (with the exception of a social worker who dragged her feet, but she no longer works for BAAS). BAAS is kind of medium-sized, and has several other programs in addition to their China program.

Feb 2002

Re: Agency for China adoption
A friend just adopted a baby girl from China using Bay Area Adoption Services (BAAS), based in Mountain View, I believe. She was very, very happy with them, although the process did take a few months more than originally expected (this seems to be true of every adoption I have heard of, regardless of the country). I know she did a lot of comparison shopping before settling on BAAS. From what I understand BAAS kept her well informed of the various setbacks, etc. and she felt they were doing everything they could to speed her application through the channels. Good luck. Sarah

June 1999

Before you choose an adoption agency or facilitator, it really helps to decide whether you want to do a domestic or international adoption, as the process and requirements are very different, and most agencies specialize in one or the other.

If you choose international adoption, I can recommend Bay Area Adoption Services in Mountain View (650 964-3800). I adopted my kids through BAAS, and was a volunteer trainer and board member with the agency for many years. They're very ethical, strong on parent involvement, happy to work with less than perfect families (single parents, older parents, etc.), and offer great support during and after the adoption.

I concur with Jane. Deciding on international versus domestic is an important consideration. I too recommend Bay Area Adoption Services if you decide to go international. Though we went through them some time ago, we did look at both domestic and international agencies. They were by far superior to others we considered. Most of the staff have adopted children which make a huge difference in the process of guiding you through the paper. They have a highly trained and sensitive staff. They were so good that I too joined the board, volunteered for classes and other services. Bay Area Adoption Services in Mountain View (650 964-3800). BAAS has a web site too:

I adopted a baby girl from China a year ago through Bay Area Adoption Services (BAAS) in Mountain View (650 964-3800) and, also, had an excellent experience. I looked into over 10 adoption agencies over a 6 month period and BAAS was clearly the best. My daughter was 7 months old when I flew to China (along with 9 other adoptive parents) to adopt her and she is happy, healthy, smart, cute, fun, etc., etc. When we were in China we met people who were adopting through other agencies and many of them had complaints about their agencies. Some of the complaints were, the children were significantly older, the orphanages weren't very good, it was very expensive, and the process took too long. -- Jane (6/99)

I agree that Bay Area Adoption Services does some very fine work, but they do have a policy of not working with openly gay people who are out to them. They phrase their policy in such a way that it seems innocent enough but this was confirmed to me by their director, Andrea, who said that it was their board policy to put everything in the home study that is told to the social worker. Other agencies do not have this policy at all. And I believe the original query on this subject was by an anonymous person who was adopting with a partner. So be warned. It is always possible to phone them directly and ask about their policy anonymously, of course. There are other agencies in the Bay Area who do work in international adoption with homosexual clients.