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Jan 2011

Re: Looking to foster-adopt a bi-racial child
Check out (Adopt A Special Kid). We adopted our first son and are about to adopt our second son through them. I have no complaints. And generally speaking the process has been great for us. Our boys are amazing. We feel so lucky to have found them. If you want to dialog any more about the general fost/adopt process feel free to email. Felicia

Dec 2010

Re: Thinking about switching fost/adopt agencies
August 2009

We adopted our first child at birth through open domestic adoption. Now we are considering adopting a second child (3-4 years old) through the public system. We are interested in hearing peoples experiences with A Better Way and AASK. Any differences between the agencies; Any positive or difficult experiences with them. We are hoping for a child with few special needs and are open as to race/ethnicity. Thanks. Happy Adoptive Parents

I adopted my daughter through AASK and it has been a very positive experience. A big part of that can be atributed to the connection I had/have with my social worker... she was great. I also liked how small they were; everytime I called for support I spoke to someone who I knew already. Best of luck to you! Very Happy Mom

(editor note: a review was also received for A Better Way

May 2008

Re: Foster adoption agencies for Alameda County
My partner and I worked with AASK to adopt our daughter four years ago. We were very pleased with them, though I've heard good things about Family Builders, too.

You're right to pay attention to how you feel about the processes of each agency, since they vary. I'd also recommend asking about what kinds of support they offer after they place the child(ren) with you, and if they offer any post-adoption services.

We liked that AASK had long-standing relationships with child welfare workers in many counties, which is helpful in the ''matching'' phase. They also link every family with a buddy family, who's adopted their kids through AASK. I can't remember when in the process that happened, but it was one of the most useful things the agency did. While people probably have varying experiences with their buddy families, ours was wonderful. It helped to make the whole thing real during the phase when it seemed to be all about paperwork. Best of luck! Sarah

September 2006

Re: County adoption - feeling discouraged about our prospects
It sounds as if you've arrived at a fearful time in the adoption process. Both adoption and pregnancy are roller coaster rides. I'm not sure from your posting exactly what you're fearful of. If you are not getting answers or only negative ones from the county perhaps you should think of working with one of the fantastic not-for-profit agencies in the area. My family adopted 2 bio siblings with the help of Adopt A Special Kid (AASK) located in Oakland. They are straightforward and honest and efficient.

August 2006

Re: Considering foster-adopt but concerned about family dynamics
Please contact AASK in Oakland. They are a wonderful agency that facilitates fost/adopt placements. Fost/Adopt is a wonderful way to build a family. AASK will help you think about what is realistic given your family situation Happy Family through Fost/Adopt

Four years ago, my wife and I adopted a wonderful 6year old through a fost-adopt arrangement. After spending a lot of money on fertility issues and open adoption with a very questionable experience, we decided on a foster adoption agency in Oakland, which was wonderful. AASK, Adopt A Special Kid is a wonderful agency. We are a bi-racial couple and were told at first that there were very few asian and caucasian -asian mixed kids in foster care, however once we completed our home study and classes, fingerprints etc, several kids showed up. We have had a wonderful experience and I now have the son of my dreams. Don't worry about the availability of children, there are thousands in foster care available for adoption. We looked through literally three large binders of info sheets of children available, (that was tough!)

We also know of a couple that had a bad experience with a local agency, who did not prepare them properly. Go through AASK! Links

I recently attended a fundraiser for this wonderful adoption agency: Adopt a Special Kid (AASK). Their web address is I brought a dear friend with me to find out more about the agency since she has been through a 3-year beaurocratic nightmare with international adoption (still no child). She said, If only I'd heard about them 3 years ago! They seem to be doing good work, have low beaurocracy, and personal attention. Good luck. Lynn

It sounds like you are getting bad and false information about fost/adopt. This type of misinformation harms the children in foster care waiting for permanent families. Our family had great success with AASK (Adopt a Special Kid) a not-for profit agency that only does fost/adopt placements.

AASK is an excellent adoption agency that takes care of everything at no cost to adoptive families. That's right it costs nothing to adopt children who are in foster care. After adoption these children often qualify for adoption assistance, state funds that make monthly payments to help adoptive families to help with expenses for child rearing. We adopted 2 siblings who were 3 and 4 when they moved into our home and 4 and 5 when we adopted them. We know families who adopted infants through fost/adopt as well. Please contact AASK at 510-553-1748. AASK will help you become parents of a child or children who need forever families. I know AASK will give you correct information regarding all of the possibilities of fost/adoption Parents of 2 adopted from CA foster care (with help of AASK)