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Nov 2010

Re: Looking in to adoption - can you recommend an agency?
We used adopt international and adopted from Ethiopia. I highly recommend you look into adopting from Ethiopia! Good luck blessed with infertility

Hi there - we also used Adopt International - however we adopted domestically. They are a fantastic agency. We worked with Lisa Clark as our facilitator - she made the process so memorable. We used their service for both our daughters (who we adopted as newborns) and are thinking about using them again. and phone: (415) 934-0300. Best of luck to you! Happy Adoptive Parent

Oct 2008

Re: Adoption lawyer with birthmother outreach?
We have 2 great children and used Adopt International. We know both birthmoms and have open adoptions. The staff are really great with the birthmoms, and in the case of our first are still in contact and supportive of her after 8 yrs. Our second search was taking a while so we connected with John Chally in Portland Oregon. He also seems to be great with both perspective parents and birth families. Our second child was also thru Asopt Int'l, although we had signed up with John to ''cast a larger net''. Good luck, Kids DO change your lilfe and it is all for the better

March 2004

Re: Adoption agency for international adoption
Two months ago my husband and I adopted a beautiful child from Guatemala! We used Adoptions International in Philadelphia for the main adoption ( and Adopt International in SF for the home study portion ( Both agencies work with Guatemala, Russia and former Soviet Union countries, China and perhaps a few others. While they differed, I was pleased with both agencies. Please feel free to contact me if you'd like more info on my experience with them. Christine

Oct 2002

Re: Adopting an Asian Child
Having just brought our wonderful new daughter home from China, I am very happy to recommend the agency we used, Adopt International. They are located in Redwood City. The China program manager is Cindy Klein and can be reached at 650-369- 7300.