Building a wall ro create an extra bedroom

My family is interested in building an extra bedroom. We have an unused open space and can easily convert it by building a straight wall with a door. We recently consulted with one contractor, but his quote seemed a high. Does anyone have any experience building a wall for a bedroom? What is the approximate/reasonable cost and do you have any recommendations? We would use the room as a guest room, mostly so that the in-laws would have privacy when they visit.

Thank you in advance for any advice.

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To qualify as a bed room, you will need a closet. Depends on how tall the wall needs to extend to structure. It may not be as simple. At least 8k-10k. 

It might also require a planning approval from your local jurisdiction, most of which have regulations regarding how much of a lot a building can cover. I would suspect that with the cost of a building permit, this project would be more like 15-20K and if there is any sort of planning approval required, another 5-10K. I would not advise going "permit-free" because neighbors will report new construction and there will be fines.

You could try a temporary wall. Not common here but common in NYC.