Advice: 5 year old w/new ADHD diagnosis

Most of the posts about ADHD here are pretty old, so I thought I'd see if folks had new advice, current suggestions about schools, after-school activities, etc. My son will be starting kindergarten in the fall at OUSD. He has an official diagnosis and is seeing a therapist (and takes parkour classes), and I've ordered some books, but any recommendations would be much appreciated. He's very active, smart, and generous and empathetic when he's in the right environment. Super social but can get bossy because he's excited and focused on what he wants to do. Thanks in advance!

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One thing you might look into is the notion of the 2E child: gifted (highly intelligent in any variety of expressions) with additional "issues": twice exceptional. Just knowing the term "2E" and poking around on the internet will give you a view-in that may broaden the view of this diagnosis. While there can be a lot of views of what causes ADHD, or what circumstances make that bloom in a nervous system, knowing how to manage and love-up the kid whose brain moves fast can help with steering your unique kid into his best unique groove. You might also look into the Summit Center in Walnut Creek for resources. They are experts in 2E. 

There is also the notion of "overexcitabilities" -- a translation of a term I prefer to translate a bit more literally: super-stimulability. You can look that up too if you're interested, but the basic notion is that some bodies/nervous systems are more 'stimulable', and what results is a person who has a LOT more stimulation to manage -- and if they get help with that, it can make a huge difference. Good luck to you!

I have a 9y.o. with similarities in his profile.

Helpful resources: CHADD, Bright & Quirky, TiLT Parenting

Feel free to direct message me to discuss further. We're in Berkeley with an IEP but I can share what I've learned about navigating public & private schooling.

Hi Amy. We are going through a diagnosis with my 6-year old now, who just finished his first year of Kinder in AUSD. Your description of your son sounds exactly like my sweet, generous and active boy :). Unfortunately I don't have any advice to give because we are new to this too, but I came here to say that you are not alone. Thank you for your post, I will be following along.