13 year old interested in a regular board game group

My 13 year old son loves board games (the new complicated ones…like Stuffed Fables and Arkham Horror). He also likes role play games like D&D. He would love to find a group of like-minded teenagers that would be interested in a regular game night. I imagine this is something we would host at our house where a groups of kids could play one or more games, socialize, and eat snacks. We are also open to ideas/suggestions for how to organize something like this. If your teen is interested, I’d love to collaborate on logistics. We are focusing on staying off screens and socializing with others!

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Catching up on old email, I saw your post and was curious about suggestions you might be getting and notice you hadn't gotten a response.  I like your idea here!  I wish my teen was as interested in board games as I am!  I will recommend my new favorite resource for gatherings: The Art of Gathering by Priya Parker.  It could give you some ideas on how to create a gathering (or series) that work for your goals of socializing around games.  I hope you find something that works!  Oh, and you've probably got this on your radar but I just heard about It's Your Move a game store in Oakland.  They do events and might have other ideas.  I haven't personally checked them out yet.  

I have a 12-year old boy who likes board games and chess. I think they should be able to find some games they like. My aim is also to promote in-person socialization over the screens. I also would be open to host in my house as well.

81st Ave branch with Oakland Public is starting some board game groups!  There is a family one but also a meet up group coming soon. If you give them a call, they would have all the details!