UC Berkeley Junior Looking to Tutor

Homework Coaching, Organizational & Study Skills, All Subjects K-5, Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, Math K-8, Statistics, Russian


My name is Rachel Khodursky, and I'm a Junior at UC Berkeley studying Applied Math.

I have experience tutoring kindergarten students in math, as well as working as a STEM Camp instructor for classrooms of 20-30 kids, ages 8-12. During my time as a STEM camp instructor,  I came up with lesson plans in subjects such as biology, engineering, and art as well as helping all of the students with their math and english assignments. I have also volunteered at a science museum where I worked as a workstation instructor and I helped visitors learn about the current science museum exhibit. I'm very passionate about mathematics, but I understand that it can be a very intimidating subject, so I wan't to help kids engage with math in creative ways and show them that math can be fun! 

As a full-time student, I have somewhat limited availability, but I'm willing to work with you to find time to assist your student. I am also limited to working in the Berkeley area, as I don't have access to a car at the moment. Please feel free to reach out to me!

Region Served: 
East Bay
Preschool, Elementary school, Middle school, High school
Rachel Khodursky
khodursky [at] berkeley.edu