UC Berkeley English PhD: tutoring for reading/writing test prep, college essay writing, humanities help

College Essay Coaching, Homework Coaching, Organizational & Study Skills, Humanities, Reading & Comprehension, Writing High School Only, ACT Prep, AP Test Prep, GRE Prep, SAT Prep, Other Test Prep

I am a fourth year English PhD at UC Berkeley with experience teaching and tutoring high schoolers and undergrads. My teaching experience includes undergrad English literature survey courses for Berkeley's English department, reading & composition courses for undergrads at Berkeley, creative writing classes at the high school level, and college essay writing classes for high school seniors. My tutoring experience includes SAT/ACT test prep, GRE test prep, AP exam prep, and high school level humanities courses (mostly English).   

I am happy to help with improving writing skills, critical reading skills, test taking skills, grammar & vocabulary, or anything else related to the study of English language and literature. I can meet online or in person in Berkeley (during non-COVID times). My schedule is flexible, so we can find a regular time to meet that works best for you.

Please email me if you're interested in my tutoring services! 

Region Served:
East Bay
High school
Jacob Wang
jacob.wang [at] berkeley.edu