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Hi! I'm Michael and I'm a UC Berkeley alum who have been teaching chemistry exclusively for 9 years. I have tutored over 450 students and logged over 4000 hours teaching chemistry, helping almost all my students achieve B- to A+. 

How I'll help your child

►Personalized tutoring to attack your child's struggles. I pinpoint your child's area of struggle, whether that is comprehension, application, test anxiety, or seeing a problem and having no idea how which concept to use. Then I work with your child to fix the specific struggle areas, with the ultimate goal of improving your child's grades.

►Customized explanations to fit your learning style. I explain concepts in multiple ways to figure out your child's learning style, then I gear all my future explanations to fit your child's specific learning style.

►Expert guidance. I'll be there for your child every step along the way and keep you updated on the progress.

Testimonials from my previous students

"Thanks to Michael I ended Chemistry with an “A” and scored high “A” scores on my tests and was able to ruin the curve for the class!" - Adam M

"Michael was a very helpful tutor. I saw a tremendous improvement in my test scores after starting to see him as a tutor." Melissa V.

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