Technical Drawing Instructor

Drawing & Painting

Hi All! 

I'm Joelle, I am an art instructor with experience teaching K-8 graders in both New York and here in the East Bay. I teach drawing and some painting.

I am offering a technical skills drawing course either online or in person in areas of Berkeley and sometimes beyond.  The course is in line with the Pod if in person; I can visit for 2 hour sessions as an at home, private instructor to groups of around 4. Skills cover but are not limited to: pressure pencil techniques, value as a means of creating form, basic anatomy, proportions, spacial perspective, and so forth.

I love teaching Art, as I find most kids haven't had formal training and I wished I had, growing up! (Recently my middle school students in a summer intensive program had to consider climate change and sustainability and create worlds on paper integrating these meaningful concepts). 

Feel free to inquire by email for rates etc. Happy to send over resume or answer any questions. 


Region Served: 
East Bay
Elementary school, Middle school, High school
joelle provost
joelleprovostart [at]