Piano Lessons/Music Tutoring

Piano, Music Theory & Composition

Greetings BPN Community, 

I am Olivia Ryder, an experienced piano teacher and music tutor who has played piano since I was 8 years old. I have training in solo piano, jazz band, and smaller ensembles. I received my BA from Berklee College of Music with a concentration in Music Therapy. I offer classical, pop, or jazz instruction. My philosophy as a teacher is to help inspire and find each student’s individual passion for music, prioritizing their connection to their instrument. My objective is to foster a space where students can feel comfortable making mistakes while exploring their own musical goals. In addition to building proficiency on piano, I incorporate theory and ear training into lessons. I believe the most well rounded musicians have an understanding for the mechanics behind the notes on the page. I tailor lessons to fit the individual interests of each student.

I work with students of all ages and all levels. I am offering 30, 45, or 60 minute piano lessons or music tutoring sessions, taught virtually through Zoom. I am knowledgeable about how to make the most out of online instruction. I believe more than ever we can use music as a platform for self expression, creativity, inspiration, and building community. Please contact me with inquiries and/or questions. I look forward to making music together. 


Region Served: 
East Bay, San Francisco
Preschool, Elementary school, Middle school, High school
Olivia Ryder
ryder.olivia9 [at] gmail.com