K-12 and SAT math tutoring

Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, Math K-8, SAT Prep

I have 16 years of experience teaching and challenging students in mathematics subjects including algebra, geometry, algebra II, pre-calculus, and calculus, as well as in content and strategies for SAT and SAT subject test mathematics.  My use of teaching methods designed to match individual students’ needs has proven successful in many ways. Not only have students’ grades and test scores reflected academic growth and excellence (several of My students have achieved perfect 800 math scores on their SATs), but students have also grown in their own self-confidence. My students have gone on to attend universities such as Harvard, UC Berkeley, University of Pennsylvania, Brown, and Cornell. I am looking to devote even more of my time to giving back to the community, using the tools and methods I know  best.

Region Served: 
East Bay, Marin, San Francisco
Elementary school, Middle school, High school
Karen wang
Karenwangtutoring [at] gmail.com