James Scott - Science and Math tutor

Algebra, Chemistry, Computer Science, General Science, Geometry, Math K-8, Physics

I have a BS degree in Chemistry and MS degrees in Chemical Physics and Computer Science. I have done a good bit of tutoring in the past, both high school and middle school. I am retired after 32 years as a software engineer, so I can work with students both afternoons and evenings (or anytime now that everyone is staying at home.) I like high school chemistry and physics best, but am glad to do any science or math.  As a tutor my goal is always to try to help students learn to think about science (or math). When dealing with any problem (i.e., homework or a new concept), I ask questions to guide the student to think through the problem, using what they already know and guiding them to expand their knowledge. I tell students ( and parents) that I see my job as preparing students to deal with the subject when I'm not there to help. I always start out by asking parents what their goal is in hiring a tutor, and then discussing with the student privately what they expect to accomplish. I accept that the student-tutor is a sometimes delicate relationship, and I try to be sensitive to the personality and character of each student. My own children are now grown women, and I think I relate to women students very well. In the past students have all come to my home in El Cerrito for tutoring. I realize that this is not possible in the current situation.

Region Served:
East Bay
Middle school,
High school
James Scott
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