Golden Ratio Garden Learning

All Subjects K-5, Algebra, General Science, History, Humanities, Math K-8, Reading & Comprehension, Statistics, Writing All Ages, College Admissions Advising, College Essay Coaching, Homework Coaching, Organizational & Study Skills, Volleyball

As a UC Berkeley Philosophy major and experienced tutor, I am excited to offer holistic tutoring lessons encompassing all K-8 subjects, including reading and writing composition.

Drawing from my experience as a tutor with incarcerated students at the youth prison, I bring a unique blend of academic expertise and emotional awareness to my tutoring approach. I have supported students in college-level subjects, helping them successfully transfer to four-year universities, strengthening my ability to provide compassionate support and cultivate a nurturing learning environment--essential components for fostering growth and success in young learners.

I believe that learning is not confined to the classroom walls. I offer outdoor tutoring sessions to provide a dynamic and immersive learning experience where students can explore, discover, and connect with nature while mastering academic concepts. From solving math problems under the shade of ancient trees to crafting creative stories inspired by the natural world, every session is an adventure in learning. Research shows that outdoor learning offers numerous benefits, including increased engagement, improved focus and attention, and enhanced creativity and critical thinking skills. ($45/hour)

I also offer regular tutoring sessions. ($30/hour) I can come to your child, meet with them virtually, or arrange a location to meet.

Region Served:
East Bay,
North Bay,
South Bay
Elementary school,
Middle school
Alexis Wilson
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