Experienced violin and viola teacher accepting new students

Piano, Violin & Viola, Voice, Music Theory & Composition

As Plato once said, we like to “make music and work at it”. The discipline, teamwork and grit required to learn music gives us tools to survive in many contexts, and includes the joys of creativity, camaraderie, and community. Viva la musica!

About my teaching:

I teach violin & viola at all levels, and piano, voice, and theory/musicianship for beginners.

In my teaching, I use elements of both traditional and Suzuki training. I can also help with singing in tune and reading music

I provide young students with enjoyable exercises to help them understand basic techniques and concepts. Then I add additional factors as they become appropriate: historical recordings, rhythmic guidance, underlying music theory.

I am flexible and enjoy accommodating each student’s learning style and particular interests.

About me:

I am a professional classical musician, located in Richmond, with a doctorate in Early Music, and many years experience in both performing and teaching.

About my charges and lesson locations:

I charge $400 per month for a one-hour lesson each week.

Students may attend private lessons at Piedmont Piano Company in Oakland, or at their own home. Additional travel fees apply for lessons held at home; the amount of the fee depends on the distance traveled.

Lessons are provided year round.

Region Served: 
East Bay, Lamorinda
Elementary school, Middle school, High school
Ondine Young
youngondine [at] gmail.com