Experienced and Patient Tutor - Academic Subjects: Biology and Writing - and Music Teacher: Ukulele, Piano, Harp, and Violin

Biology, Writing All Ages, Harp, Piano, Ukulele, Violin & Viola

I'm an experienced and patient tutor for academic subjects and music teacher working with students of various ages from elementary school to college. I worked as a staff scientist at UCSF for several years after getting my PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology from UC Berkeley. I really enjoy working with students and have been told I am patient and have an excellent and clear way of explaining things. I was awarded a PhRMA fellowship for my postdoctoral research on using bioinformatics approaches to studying and comparing proteases from parasites and humans. I have also previously written professionally as a public information specialist and have tutored adults, college and high school students in English and writing and have also tutored math.

I also enjoy music and dancing quite a bit and play and teach the ukulele, harp, violin, and piano. I especially like Celtic music. I studied the piano and violin in Southern California where I grew up and studied the Celtic harp with several excellent Bay Area harpers. More recently, I've been teaching ukulele-- a fantastic instrument for beginners. I love seeing students develop in their musical abilities and have fun expressing themselves with music. 

Region Served: 
East Bay
Elementary school, Middle school, High school
Susan T. Mashiyama
susansharpsongs [at] gmail.com