Experienced and Enthusiastic Math Tutor/Teacher

Algebra, Geometry, ACT Prep, SAT Prep

I've been tutoring test prep and mathematics since 2007, when peers and schoolmates asked for my help with the ACT after I had scored a 36. Since then, I graduated with a BS in Psychology from Duke, trained as a life coach, and earned my Masters of Education at Northwestern. At NU, I focused on the intersection of mathematics and personal & social identity through my Masters Research Project, studying what being a 'math person' means to students, broadening the criteria for being 'good at math', and positioning all students as competent and valuable mathematicians.

I then taught mathematics for four years at Chicago's Northside College Prep, though I continued tutoring throughout - I couldn't give up on my first love!

I'm an educator because I live to empower students. While it's rewarding seeing students improve their grades or scores, there's nothing like the fulfillment that comes from leading someone to more clarity, curiosity, and confidence. My students learn a lot of math but also about themselves as students and people.

One of my more prominent strengths is my adaptability and ability to meet people where they're at. If you think I might be able to help, please get in touch - I probably can!

For more info, please check out my website, mswoodruff.com

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East Bay
High school
Jaclyn Woodruff
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