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Vielka Hoy Consulting is a college admissions consulting firm that is a bit unique.  As a veteran teacher, I also work to make sure your student's transcript is competitive by assigning specific skills-based courses that can be completed in a short time.  This is all done in addition to the typical things that most admissions counselors do: SAT prep; review of applications and essays; general advice; and more.  Each year all of my clients were admitted and enrolled in their first-choice college with a majority of their funding needs met, including UC Berkeley, UCLA, Northwestern, Duke, USC, and more. 

I specialize in working with underserved communities (low-income, students of color, migrant students, and girls) and athletes.  But I work with everyone and have had the same results with everyone.

I currently have openings for rising 10th and 11th graders and transfer students, with the possibility of taking on more rising 12th graders (depending on your availability this summer).  Please feel free to contact me and take a look at my website for more information.  

Thanks and I'm happy to help.


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East Bay, Marin, North Bay, Peninsula, San Francisco, South Bay
Middle school, High school
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