Admissions Consulting and Tutoring Services

Homework Coaching, Organizational & Study Skills, All Subjects K-5, Algebra, Calculus, Economics, General Science, Geometry, History, Humanities, Math K-8, Reading & Comprehension, Statistics, Writing All Ages

Background: I have interviewed 100+ students for UPenn admissions, and as chair of the Arkansas committee of the Penn Alumni Interview Program, I managed all interviews for the state. (Note, I no longer serve in these capacities.) I am a PhD candidate at UC Berkeley and did my BA at UPenn. For more information on my background, visit

Academic Consulting: My primary emphasis in this task is admissions interview prep. I offer other admissions related services (e.g. admissions essay proofreading and extracurricular planning), but at a higher price.

Tutoring: I can tutor any potty trained child. I prefer to tutor math, but can teach most other subjects thru the pre-AP/IB level. (I can tutor AP & IB subjects, but at a higher price.) There are several tutors out there who can teach students how to get As in math classes. Unfortunately, their tendency is to teach students how to memorize for the math classes, which causes them to fail at college level math. I focus on teaching students how to prove theorems (even elementary school kids) in order to prepare them for higher level math. I strongly prefer to teach younger students as there is less to re-teach.

Price Estimates:$95 for 1 hr; $180 for 2 hrs; $340 for 4 hrs; $640 for 8 hrs; $1200 for 16 hrs; $2240 for 32 hrs. I am open to 1 hour free trials depending on your situation.

Region Served:
East Bay,
North Bay,
San Francisco,
South Bay,
680 Corridor
Elementary school,
Middle school,
High school
Mahendra Prasad
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