Tutor in science and math based in Berkeley

Algebra, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, General Science, History, Math K-8, Physics, Reading & Comprehension, Writing All Ages

I've taught five years of high school (physics, AP physics, chemistry algebra, geometry, middle school general science and math).  More recently I work at UC Berkeley and teach astronomy in local community colleges.  I'm looking to work with one family within biking distance of the city of Berkeley. I own a car so I can travel in inclement weather.  Available most weekdays from late afternoon to early evening.

I included history in my tutoring skill set because history is my passion, perhaps more so than science.   I write professionally and the only course I took after I finished my Ph.D. was in grammar.

In general I try to structure my teaching so as to create conditions and resources to assist students in teaching themselves.  I can certainly help with homework sets but my focus would be on teaching problem solving techniques and critical reading of useful sources as well as expanding those sources.  My early experiences in public school involved working in Montessori schools and that influences my idea of the purpose of education.

I think I'd charge 100/hour but I'd adjust that number up or down depending on travel time to and from.  I could also meet a student at UC Berkeley where I have a lot of resources immediately available.  One session free so the family and I can see if it's a good fit.

Region Served:
East Bay
Middle school,
High school
Jamie Little
jamie.katherine.little [at] gmail.com